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World of Krypton #5 [of 6]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 5, 2022
Cover date: June 2022

"Past the Point"

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Cover: Mic Suayan and Annette Kwok
Variant Cover: Marguerite Sauvage

Reviewed by: Marc Lax
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We begin with Zod giving a recruitment speech "Join the Planetary Security Force - Right Needs Might". Zod's battalion then decimates protesters while Jor-El looks on from his high terrace. Jor-El is very disappointed in his people believing his son will have no future. A desperate Zor-El frantically tries to find the elusive Survival Zone. Meanwhile Zod going mad comes face to face with Jor-El in his own suit of "super" armor ready to throw down. Meanwhile Lara searches for a place for her son to call home.

4Story - 4: Things are really barreling to the finish. I've been very conflicted with this book. Again we all know where it's headed but there are some unique twists. Zod being responsible for sending "criminals" to the Phantom Zone, Jor and Zor trying to find a survival zone, the latter making Zor-El fall apart. We also get to see Kara grow up and get an introduction to Krypto, but again it's just heading to the inevitable. I did like Jor-El standing there in his armor with the family crest nice and shiny on his chest. Still, with all that, you can't help for caring for these people going towards their doom. And I love that Lara is the one taking the initiative to finding a new world to send her son to. Not bad for the penultimate issue.

4Art - 4: I was very impressed with this issue. While I'm not a big fan for his figures and faces, Oeming's buildings, landscapes,and tech are at times stunning. I haven't always been kind to the art but I have to say in the end I'm enjoying the visuals. And how about Jor-El in his suit with the all familiar S. Looks fantastic.

3Cover Art - 3: Not a bad drawing. Conveys the feel of the issue.

3Variant Cover Art - 3: We get a pretty look at Lara searching the cosmos for a new home for her son.

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