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Nightwing #89

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 15, 2022
Cover date: April 2022

"World's Finest Sons" - Part 1 of 2

Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Bruno Redondo
Inker: Bruno Redondo
Cover: Bruno Redondo
Variant Covers: Jamal Campbell & Bengal

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel
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(A special two-part crossover with "Superman: Son of Kal-El #9")

When Jon was just a boy and learning how to control his powers he disobeyed Clark and, frightened about losing control, went into hiding. It was Nightwing that found him and his kind approach helped calm Jon, an act that did not go unnoticed by Jon's father.

Today, Jon is reaching out to the Fortress AI that his father has programmed to look like Clark Kent. Despite its message of support, Jon feels the hologram falls short as a substitute for the real thing.

Kelex watches on and puts a plan into action. In the dead of night the Kryptonian robot sneaks to Blüdhaven and carries out a personal request from Superman; that if Jon ever needed guidance, to seek out Nightwing.

The next morning three black cladded post-humans seek out the former Teen Titan known as Risk, murdering him. They say a worrying phrase with deadly significance: "The Rising has begun."

In Metropolis, Jon visits Jay's apartment but discovers that The Truth's main investor is seeking a meeting. So Gossamer (Jay) must meet him urgently, with Jon in his new masked identity.

The investor is Dick Grayson and as the meeting commences sad news of Risk's murder interrupts them. Jon is shocked that Dick has seen through his disguise and the two agree to team up to investigate.

Oracle radios in that there have been other murders across the globe and with their combined skills, Dick and Jon track the murder trail back to Lexcorp!

To be continued in "Superman: Son of Kal-El #9"...

5Story - 5: The initial plot of "The Rising" was quite lacklustre but with superhero assassinations suddenly added to the mix, the plot has definitely escalated.

I was surprised by just how much of the plot was focused on Jon and storyline threads from "Superman: Son of Kal-El" but it was dealt with in an organic manner and though their bond was non-existent prior to this storyline, suddenly it feels like they have a strong bond that is equal to that of Jon and Damian.

It was pretty fun to see Kelex take a rare spotlight in part of the story and that it was an emotional touchstone for Jon feeling disengaged from the Fortress AI.

5Art - 5: I'm not sure if it is the composition, the pencil work of the color palette but this is a beautifully illustrated book. I also liked the addition of halftones sprinkled into the ink work. The line work is not excessive but because of that it stands out more and allows the color work to stand out.

4Cover Art - 4: Very stylistic and in keeping with the book's interiors, but with a little bit of a pop art, offset printer plate feel. Very bold and it's fun to see the slight hint of the characters' personalities hinted at with a joyful Nightwing but a grumpy Superman.

5Jamal Campbell Variant Cover Art - 5: I have no words to describe how fantastic this cover is. It looks stunning and exudes a fun feel. I'm not used to such an upbeat feel from a Batman family book.

4Bengal Variant Cover Art - 4: A minimal but fun comedic look at Jon and Dick. I like that we can have light-hearted covers like this occasionally. The art gives a really wholesome angle to the blossoming friendship.

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