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DC: Mech #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 23, 2021
Cover date: October 2022

"DC: Mech"

Writer: Kenny Porter
Artist: Balbemar Rivas
Cover: Balbemar Rivas
Variant Covers: Dan Mora, Ricardo López Ortiz

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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DC: Mech #2 DC: Mech #2 The story starts off by introducing us to Hal Jordan and John Stewart who co-pilot the Green Lantern mech entrusted to Ferris Spacecraft by Alan Scott. They are in a training session with Diana's Themysciran designed mech, with the goal to improve the design on the Green Lantern suit. Their training session is interrupted by an emergency signal picking up the last issue's skirmish between the team of Batman and Flash versus Superman.

The growing team responds to a distress call that Kalibak and the Female Furries are attacking Coast City, searching for the resources needed to build a boom tube large enough to mobilize Darkside's full army. The team is able to repel the Apokoliptian attack but not before the Apokoliptian force exploits the weaknesses of the loosely united team. After the battle Shiera Hall arrives to help piece the team back together, taking on a mentorship role for the young inexperienced team.

The story ends with a sinister Lex Luthor demanding control of designing the earth defenses against Apokolips from General Sam Lane.

4Story - 4: I am continuing to recommend "DC: Mech". This second issue is better than the first. Kenny Porter is telling a fun Elseworlds story that incorporates many characters from the DC Universe. In this world, more than others, the legacy of the Golden Age is more direct. Between the Green Lantern mech being passed to Hal and John, to the Golden Age Shiera Hall serving as team stewart for the growing collection of modern age heroes.

4Art - 4: The art in this issue is also stronger. Last issue's concern with the mechs has lessened, not only are the mech designs strong but the action scenes are better executed. The stylized take on humanoid characters is also growing on me, and overall Rivas' panel to panel execution has stepped up.

4Cover Art - 4: This is a cool cover. This cover which was completed by interior artist Baldemar Rivas depicts a victorious Wonder Woman mech stand over the defeated mech of Superman. Although the cover does not fully reflect the issue's story, of the four covers this is my recommended cover.

4Variant Cover - 4: This variant is the second in a series of cover designs that showcases the mech's schematics. This month's variant showcases Superman and his Mech. A beautiful cover especially if you like Dan Mora's art.

31:25 Variant Cover - 3: This variant by Ricardo López Ortiz showcases Wally West Flash and his mech. It is a good looking cover, especially the Flash design, again the layout is clearly inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion promotional art.

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