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Justice League Infinity #7

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 4, 2021
Cover date: March 2022

"The Crack'd Mirror" - Part Seven (or "The Mirror Crack'd")

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis and James Tucker
Penciller: Ethan Beavers
Inker: Ethan Beavers
Cover: Riley Rossmo

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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The Anti-Life Equation has been unleashed. Martian Manhunter has been unable to detect any signs of the Justice League or anything else beyond those within Green Lantern's energy sphere. Yet, all hope is not lost. Thee Flash uses the Speed Force to create an area of existence within the green orb allowing John Stewart to use his ring to increase it. Martian Manhunter learns that before his death, the Darkseid from the frozen Earth gave Wonder Woman the Life Equation to cancel Anti-Life. The force of Life's extraction nearly kills Diana, but with Batman's help, perhaps they can bring back the multiverse. If these heroes don't succeed, utter oblivion will reign supreme.

Amazo battles his Anti-Life possessed counterpart, thereby buying Wonder Woman and Batman time to use the Life Equation and revive the multiverse. Life defeats Anti-Life as Amazo-I aids Amazo-II in his new quest for identity. Batman, who is normally more grounded and pessimistic, learns that there my be reasons for everything, and the cosmos has plans for us all, even the Justice League and its various versions. He, like Amazo and everyone else, has pondered his place in the universe, but thanks to Diana, he has answers that go beyond everything he's known before this moment.

5Story - 5: Out of all the concluded series that I've reviewed on Superman Homepage, I will most certainly miss this one the most. While I haven't been a fan of some covers, there hasn't been a bad issue in the batch. The writing especially shows the strengths that the Timmverse animated series and their spin-off comics had when interpreting the characters and adventures of the DC Universe.

This issue ended its journey of discovery for Amazo, Martian Manhunter and the entire Justice League. This made it go beyond being something based on a superhero cartoon. Like JLU, it gave us a deep look at the psyches of each protagonist while simultaneously giving us an action packed tale that puts the reader on the edge of their seat. Whether your an established DCAU fan or new to its various programs, "Justice League: Infinity" should be a must read for you.

5Art - 5: I can't praise the interior art in this series enough. It brings back the look and atmosphere of JLU that I always found so incredible and entertaining. This issue especially hits a home run with the visuals.

1Cover Art - 1: This cover is so horrible I wish I could unsee it. I've seen a lot of poor artwork in my four and a half decades of read and collecting comics, but this one is among the top ten of worst cover images ever.

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