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Justice League #75

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 26, 2022
Cover date: June 2022

"Death of the Justice League: A Dark Crisis Prelude"

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Penciller: Rafa Sandoval
Inker: Jordi Taragona
Cover: Daniel Sampere
Variant Covers: Mikel Janin, Alex Maleev, Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund, Todd Nauck, Simone Di Meo, Tony Harris

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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The Justice League Incarnate must team up with Earth-Zero's Justice League to fight the Great Darkness. Yet, Pariah and his army of Darkness possessed Justice League foes don't make the battle easy. While some foes are defeated, Pariah and his forces are able to seemingly kill each hero, leaving Black Adam the only survivor to return to the Hall of Justice to warn Jon Kent, Wally West, Naomi and others that Justice League are dead.

To be continued in "Dark Crisis #1".

4Story - 4: In all fairness, the story merits a perfect score. However, the cynic in me who's read comics for more than four and half decades wonders how long this supposed death will last and whether it will have lasting effects on the DC Universe even after it's retconned in, say, a year or two. As a Justice League story, it's great, but as the Multiverse changing company wide event tale, it's really too soon to tell without seeing what future comics have in store for us all.

5Art - 5: The art was a pleasant surprise, especially after the previous issues' hits and misses in the visual department. Each panel and page convey the grandiose scale of the events in the story perfectly.

5Cover Art - 5: Anyone out there remember Superman #100 that was part of "The Death of Clark Kent"?. Well this cover feels like a brilliant homage to that comic.

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