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DC: Mech #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 27, 2021
Cover date: November 2022

"DC: Mech"

Writer: Kenny Porter
Artist: Balbemar Rivas
Cover: Balbemar Rivas
Variant Covers: Dan Mora, Ricardo López Ortiz

Reviewed by: JP Rocha
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DC: Mech #3 DC: Mech #3 The main fight is between the Apokoliptian forces led by Kalibak and the united heroes of Earth, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan and John Steward). Earth's heroes are forced to fight reactionary and on their heels, fighting off different offensive attacks by Kalibak. In spite of their disunity Earth's heroes are successful in defending off Kalibak's attacks. This success only angers Darkseid who channels that anger back onto his son Kalibak.

There is also a secondary force of Earth led by Lex Luthor. For Lex these forces are expendable pawns that he uses to fine tune his weapons against Darkseid. The result is Earth's heroes have to end up saving Lex's abandoned forces time and again.

A large part of the issue is focused on the disunity of the recently united team of Earth's heroes. The team is co-led by Superman and Batman, and most of that conflict is grounded in their failure to work together.

3Story - 3: This issue is a step down from the first two, but it is still a recommendation. The story is building on the relationship of Superman and Batman. Conflict is centered on Superman's attempt to save the world on his own. Superman keeps stating that he is Earth's only hope and he is the only one who can defeat Darkseid.

Porter is writing Superman out of character. It could be argued that this Superman was not raised by the Kents, and that is why his character is off. That being said, it is very clear that Porter is writing Superman this way because he wants him to learn to work with others, and that Earth's forces are stronger as a team. A lesson that it is also clear he will learn from Batman, which will solidify them as friends.

Porter's story device and how he uses Superman throughout this issue is why I score the issue lower than the first two. Superman comes off as whiny and self-centered, a trait that is usually reserved for Batman. The issue would have scored even lower but was saved by the last page and a half, which is a nice nod to Superman fans.

4Art - 4: Rivas' art continues to grow on me, and in this issue it is the strongest yet. The character and mech design are strong and consistent. The sound effects are used to great effectiveness throughout. Overall the art is great.

4Cover Art - 4: This is a cool cover. Again this cover was completed by interior artist Baldemar Rivas and depicts the group of Earth's heroes facing off against Darkseid who is firing his omega beams at Batman. Although the cover does not fully reflect the issue's story, of the four covers this is my recommendation.

4Variant Cover - 4: This variant is the third in a series of cover designs that showcases the mech's schematics. This month's variant showcases Wonder Woman and her Mech.

31:25 Variant Cover - 3: Of his designs so far this variant by Ricardo López Ortiz seems the most original but also the least interesting.

31:50 Variant Cover - 3: This variant also by Dan Mora showcases Wonder Woman and her mech. This is a cool cover, but is just two stat images of what Mora drew for his mech schematic cover.

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