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June 30, 2012: "Man of Steel" Countdown - Part 26

Man of Steel Superman Homepage staff writer Jeffrey Taylor has submitted his 26th installment to Movies.com following the progression of the "Man of Steel" film starring Henry Cavill...

    It's been a while since I broke down the fourth wall of this column series and dug deep into my own personal opinions of what we know so far about Man of Steel. A few fellow fans have asked me recently what I think director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David Goyer actually mean when they say that this version of Superman will be "darker" than past incarnations. This is all in an attempt to make the character "relevant" again. Does that mean that the character, the circumstances, the villains or simply the tone will be taken to a darker degree than previous incarnations? My honest answer is that I expect all of the above, but to varying degrees.

Read Jeffrey's complete "Man of Steel" Countdown column at Movies.com.

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