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March 14, 2012: Joe Kelly Previews "Superman vs. The Elite" Animated Movie

Joe Kelly The up-coming "Superman vs. The Elite" animated movie is based on the "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way" comic book story written by Joe Kelly for "Action Comics #775". Having written the screenplay for the adaptation, Joe Kelly sat down with HollywoodReporter.com for a chat about the animated film. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    THR: What challenges did you face in adapting it?

    Kelly: I was very lucky in two ways: I had written the story so long ago that it was easier to be objective about the adaptation, and I had Alan Burnett. Alan helped me cut to the heart of the story and personalize it for an audience who might not have known the original comic. Once I dug in, the biggest challenge was taking the story out of the "comic universe" and making it into something bigger and more accessible to a wider audience.

    THR: How did you change the story to appeal to non-comic book fans?

    Kelly: The original story was about anti-heroes and comic fans and trends in the industry that were disturbing to me when it was written. For the story to work as a film, we needed to get beyond that while keeping the core of the story: that Superman serves a purpose and his moral code is relevant even in the modern world. This is where the expansion into "world politics" really helped.

Read the entire interview at The Hollywood Reporter website.

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