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February 15, 2012: Advance Review - "Justice League: Doom"

Justice League: Doom By Steve Younis

"Justice League: Doom" is a fast paced, drama filled, action packed animated movie. It feels longer than the 77 minutes it reportedly runs for.

The film itself starts off with the Justice League up against the Royal Flush Gang. Most of this fight sequence had been revealed online via the sneak peek video clips Warner Bros. released to help promote the movie. It's great to see them all in one seamless fight sequence, and it sets up the story nicely, introducing the characters and their abilities for anyone unfamiliar with them.

I won't spoil the rest of the movie's story, but I will say I was extremely impressed with it on the whole. The pacing was spot on, and as I said above, the movie felt longer than 77 minutes. A lot of story was packed in, and each character is given their due time on screen. Batman is obviously the main focus, being the one who is at fault for the danger the team find themselves confronted with, but he doesn't steal the show, nor is he the sole savior and all-powerful hero to beat all heroes other stories have made him out to be. He's taken to task for his back-stabbing, paranoid plans that are the cause of the dilemma presented in this story, although I think he was forgiven a little too easily by the other Justice League members, and was remorseless for his actions.

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