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June 27, 2012: Joe Manganiello on Missing Out on "Man of Steel"

Joe Manganiello AintItCool.com sat down with "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello and asked him once more about missing out on possibly being selected to be the new Superman in "Man of Steel" because of his TV committments. He revealed that he was disappointed mostly because, as a comic book fan, he had ideas for a fresh take on the character, giving him "a little more edge".

    He stated that DC would never allow something like Superman and Wonder Woman to have sex... or Batman and Catwoman. None of these characters would be allowed to explore those types of territories, which is a freeing benefit to where characters are able to go in TRUE BLOOD. They're not bound to the legacy of those particular characters, so they can still explore superhero mythology without being confined.

    I asked him if he'd actually seen a script for MAN OF STEEL when he was in the running, to which he told me that he'd discussed the entire project with Zack Snyder. Then I followed up by asking if what we'd talked about earlier was kind of an idea as to what type of Superman movie we're looking at. He got the nudge to shy away from answering that, so he told me that Henry Cavill brings a different sort of energy to the character, so he's curious to see how it comes together... but I think we've got a sense as to how MAN OF STEEL is shaping up as a result.

Read the complete interview at AintItCool.com.

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