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March 16, 2012: "Superman Reborn" French Fan Film Trailer

"Superman Reborn" is a French fan film based on the Man of Steel. The plot sees the debut of a young Superman trying to become the hero in a modern world where companies have more power than governments. There are conspiracies everywhere and through the use of genetic augmentation people are attempting to give themselves abilites to become like Superman!

    The world's greatest superhero in a modern world plagued by violence and darkness! "Superman Reborn" tells the story of a global icon in a form never seen before! Forget what you know about the Man of Steel and witness the rebirth!

Set for a release in late 2012 or early 2013, the film will be shot between Rennes and Paris, London and Los Angeles. The use of 3D CG buildings will be used to bring the city of Metropolis to its full extent. The "Reborn" project has been in preparation since 2010 and is composed of more than 60 people in the crew (associations, production companies, professionals in the cinema industry and students of ESRA Bretagne cinema school).

"Superman Reborn" is a major undertaking and aims to go where fan films have never been before. The project became so big that official French dubbers of "Smallville" and the Nolan "Batman" movies have become involved in the movie. Also to make a powerful and dramatic movie "Reborn" will have an original score fully composed by the Rennes Symphonic orchestra.

Like many new productions with a low budgets, the movie is shot with the famous Canon 5D mark II camera, the film will fully run on 1080p 25 fps.

As you can see from the trailer, the "Superman Returns" suit is being used. The story will introduce the DC multiverse in a Superman movie, with the "Reborn" story taking place on Earth 5. Fans will be treated with many cameos of characters from the DC Universe.

For further details visit the "Superman Reborn" Facebook page.

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