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April 25, 2012: Krypton Judgement Re-enactment Fan Film

The following video is the complete Krypton Judgement Re-enactment video put together by Superman fan Aaron Price. This has been a project which has taken him 3 years to plan, create, shoot and put together. This is a complete re-enactment of the trial of the villains from "Superman: The Movie". The work put into this project was completely solo apart from the use of John Williams music.

Aaron plays all the roles of Jor-El, General Zod, Non and Ursa, plus even the council heads in the background. He explains:

    As I had limited space, I was unable to setup a green/blue screen set to make background replacements easy. Instead I have had to rotoscope scene by scene, working at 25 frames a second. Just 100 frames for 4 seconds of video could take me hours to finish especially with multiple characters in the scene. The rotoscoping a process of tracing a line around the edge of the subject and animating that line over time has been the hardest work.

    While it's not Hollywood standard, which I fully knew going into this project, I have done the best I could with the limited resources and the ZERO budget I had making this project. I have had to put sweat, blood, dig deep and low to find the motivation to keep myself going through the years with this project.

Well done Aaron!

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