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February 26, 2012: "Superman vs. The Elite" Box Art

DVD Cover Warner Home Video has released the DVD cover artwork for the up-coming "Superman vs. The Elite" animated movie, along with a description of the film.

    The Elite, a team of super-powered antiheroes, is renowned for killing their enemies. Despite the acclaim and approval the Elite enjoy, Superman knows they are in the wrong, creating more harm than good by their methods. Tensions between them finally culminate in a mass showdown on Jupiter's moons, when Superman is forced to prove that violence is never a positive.

"Superman vs. The Elite", the latest in the series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies from Warner Bros. Animation, will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand and for Download.

So far we know that George Newbern returns to voice the role of Superman, with Pauley Perrette playing Lois Lane. Stay tuned for further details.

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