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April 10, 2012: "Man of Steel" Props Sold at Auction

ThePropStop attended a recent auction that took place in Plano, Illinois in which many items and props used during the filming of "Man of Steel" were sold.

    First up downtown Plano doubled for Smallville Ks, the local high school was Clark's school, and it was rumored a local hospital was used as a Dr's office and either Plano or Chicago was used for Lois's apartment.

    Secondly Oswego, Il was used for the Kent farm and crash area and finally Chicago metro was used for Metropolis and the Daily Planet. So using that information certain guesses could be made.

    So No call sheetsno script. No body who worked on set... a warehouse full of stuff and limited on-set photos from the shoot. Let the game begin!

Props from Plano, Illinois
Props from Plano, Illinois
Props from Plano, Illinois

If you look closely you can make out a newspaper clip on Lois' corkboard about some kind of contamination taking place in the Metropolis area.

Source: ThePropStop.

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