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June 21, 2012: Robert Kral on Scoring "Superman vs. The Elite"

DVD Cover WorldsFinestOnline.com has posted an interview with composer Robert Kral in which they ask him about creating the musical score for "Superman vs. The Elite".

    WF: Any final words on the Superman Versus The Elite project, including comments on your work and perhaps the animated feature as a whole?

    RK: I absolutely love the story of Superman Versus The Elite. I'm thrilled with how it all turned out, with the exception of unfortunately losing my Main Title music at the eleventh hour. The visuals were not available to me during composing for the main title, so when they were finally complete, the excutive producer felt it didn't match. However, Bruce Timm and I worked hard on creating the essence of the story into the main title music. In the end, you do hear that material in the Superman Versus The Elite scenes and some of it in the End Title. Morally, I think the story raises some really great discussion points and I applaud the writers and creators.

Check out the complete interview at the World's Finest Online website.

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