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March 20, 2012: "Rise of Metropolis" Fan Film

Rise of Metropolis RACSO Motion Pictures is putting together a Fan Film project titled "Rise of Metropolis", which will feature Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.

    Plagued by moral and political setbacks, Gotham stands on the brink of mass riots as The League of Shadows return to finish their job. Ra's Al Ghul broadens his master plan to rescind the US Government, starting with the financial juggernauts of Gotham and Metropolis.

    Enlisting the aid of Superman and Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight takes on not only the League of Shadows, but Scarecrow, Joker, and Bizarro. With multiple ploys and schemes at work, Ra's Al Ghul manipulates Wonder Woman against Superman and Batman, setting up an unforgettable and epic contest that spans beyond the boundaries of brawn and might... their struggle reexamines their own existence and purpose in this dark chapter of human history.

For further details and to help fund the project visit RacsoFilms.com.

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