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June 19, 2012: "Superman vs. The Elite" Review

DVD Cover By Steve Younis

"Superman vs. The Elite" is probably the most adult of all the Superman-related DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

I'll admit that the animation style and character designs do take a little getting used to. A lot has been made across the internet about the size of Superman's chin in this animated movie. His facial appearance does change quite a bit throughout the film depending on the angle and movement. It doesn't detract from the film however, but it does warrant a mention.

However, as I stated at the start of this review, "Superman vs. The Elite" is, in my opinion, the most adult of all the animated Superman films DC Entertainment has released to date. It earns its PG-13 rating. There's language that I've never heard in a Superman movie before (animated or otherwise), and quite a lot of violence. However this is exactly what this story requires. But it was a bit weird hearing Superman use the word "wanker".

The Elite are a brutal bunch. They pull no punches, and therefore the animated movie has to depict them as such. You can't sanitize the Elite and still deliver the story.

While this animated movie does simplify the origin stories of The Elite, and especially Manchester Black and his sister Vera, it loses nothing along the way. The fact that Joe Kelly, who wrote the original comic book this movie is based on, also wrote the screen play, means the story from "Action Comics #775" remains intact and delivers the same emotional punches from that comic book story.

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