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February 4, 2012: Max Landis Releases "Death and Return of Superman"

Writer/Director Max Landis has released his new comic web video "The Death and Return of Superman" online.

WARNING: The following video contains the use of harsh language not suitable for children.

Watch "The Death and Return of Superman" via YouTube.

    "The Death and Return of Superman" is a comedic viral short in the vein of "Drunk History" and "Red Letter Media". The short stars Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Elden Henson, Morgan Krantz, Zach Cregger, Ron Howard, Simon Pegg, Sarah Shahi, and Barats and Beretta.

    The Death and Return of Superman forever changed comics. Superman's tragic death was not just mourned by comic book readers, it echoed throughout the entire country. What is never mentioned, however, is just how poorly conceived The Death and Return of Superman saga was and how it shattered the integrity of the comic book industry. A follow up to his previous comic web videos Cooking with Comics: Knightfall and Vague Recollections of: Watchmen, writer/director Max Landis shows us through reenactment just how ridiculous The Death of Superman saga became and how it affected the world of comics.

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