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November 2, 2017: Henry Cavill Talks About the Weight of the Superman Legacy

The New York Times has published a lengthy interview with Henry Cavill, with writer Alex Williams spending a day shopping in London with Henry, talking about his career, playing Superman, and more. Here's part of the interview in which Henry discusses the weight of the Superman legacy.

Too often, he said, popular culture has gotten it wrong about Superman, interpreting his do-gooder ethos and blue tights as "cheesy, and maybe a bit boring," compared to the acknowledged cool superheros, like Batman and Iron Man.

"There's so much more in there," he said. "It's like a movie about taking the super-pill. Imagine you have the ability to do absolutely anything you wanted. What do you choose to do with that power? How would you choose to use it? How do you exert it upon others? How do you accept failure? How do you love?"

You can read the complete article at NYTimes.com.

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