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September 27, 2017: "Superman: The Movie" 40th Anniversary Celebration at Kansas City Comic Con

Fans attending Kansas City Comic Con in November can purchase a VIP Package for a Super Experience involving six cast members from "Superman: The Movie".

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of "Superman: The Movie", a landmark classic movie that today is considered the best incarnation of the character since his creation in 1938 and an inspiration for all modern Superhero movie directors.

As the first official stop on the 40th anniversary tour, Kansas City Comic Con is pleased to welcome panel hosts Derek Maki (Coolwaters Productions LLC) and Jim Bowers (Capedwonder.com) for a very special two-hour "Superman: The Movie" 40th anniversary reunion presentation/panel, featuring celebrity guests Margot Kidder (Lois Lane), Sarah Douglas (Ursa), Jack O'Halloran (Non), Aaron Smolinski (Baby Clark Kent) Jeff East (Young Clark Lent), Ray Hassett (Police Officer Harry) Diane Sherry (Lana Lang) and via SKYPE a special rare live video appearance by actress Valerie Perrine (Miss Eve Teschmacher).

Join the two hosts as they showcase rare behind-the-scenes imagery from the CapedWonder Collection, and delve deep into the memories of the celebrity guests who will share fascinating first-hand stories and knowledge of facing and overcoming endless challenges to bring this ground-breaking movie to life. And... the celebrity guests will be there to take questions from audience members too!

This is no fairy tale... this "Superman: The Movie" 40th anniversary reunion presentation/panel is a RARE opportunity to hear and experience some of the cast's private stories for the first time and learn what it took to make us all believe a man could fly!

Special VIP pass information:

Kansas City Comic Con will be selling a limited quantity of "You'll Believe A Man Can Fly!" VIP tickets that include:
  • ONE - VIP reserved seating for BOTH the panel at the convention AND at a screening of
  • "Superman: The Movie" (screening at Alamo Draft House)
  • ONE - Margot Kidder autograph signed on a special 40thAnniversary 11x17 Print
  • ONE - Sarah Douglas autograph signed on a special 40thAnniversary 11x17 Print
  • ONE - Jack O'Halloran autograph signed on a special 40th Anniversary 11x17 Print
  • ONE - Aaron Smolinski autograph signed on a special 40th Anniversary 11x17 Print
  • ONE - Jeff East autograph signed on a special 40th Anniversary 11x17 Print
  • ONE - Valerie Perrine autograph signed on a special 40thAnniversary 11x17 Print *(Pre-signed by Valerie; a rare treat as Ms. Perrine cannot join us live in person)!
  • ONE - professionally shot Group Photo op with all the attending cast members on site
  • ONE - Cool swag bag filled with free Superman and Superhero-related merchandise! (subject to change at any time: merchandise will vary and will include items from our sponsors: Hallmark, Mezco Toys, Coolwaters Productions, Gentle Giant, DC Comics, Factory Entertainment & more)!
  • ONE - 40th Anniversary poster (the poster features original and exclusive artwork from Capedwonder.com)
  • And more!

  • Tickets for this package can be purchased via TicketMaster.com.

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