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October 25, 2017: "Pawn Stars" Clip - Christopher Reeve "Superman" Costume

A memorabilia collector by the name of Nader attempts to sell a screen-worn "Superman: The Movie" Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve during a recent episode of "Pawn Stars".

The hosts of the History Channel TV series are presented with the opportunity to purchase the suit and a green Kryptonite crystal from the movie.

Interestingly, the green Kryptonian crystal is mistakenly labelled as a "Kryptonite Crystal" by the collector, who has it safely stored in a foam-filled case. Thankfully, Corey, one of the two "Pawn Star" collectors, knows more about the film than the guy trying to sell the items to them.

An "expert" enters the frame to authenticate and value the costume, but the deal falls through, with the "Pawn Stars" guys only willing to offer US$200,000 for the items.

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