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September 1, 2017: "Justice League" Movie Individual Character Posters Revealed

Back in July Warner Bros. presented an Alex Ross-inspired "Justice League" movie poster at San Diego Comic-Con. Now they give us a closer look at the individual character poses that made up that image.

Photographed by Clay Enos, the photographer previously admitted that the close-up character posters of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg were inspired by the cover to the 2005 "Justice" comic book series, written by Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger with interior art by Ross and Doug Braithwaite.

"I used this exact image as my reference for what became the latest JL poster." explained Enos. "I simply had the idea and took the initiative to pay homage to Alex Ross by making a few quick portraits in that distinctive light. I'm so glad the WB marketing team ran with them. I love it!"

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