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November 17, 2017: "Justice League" Deleted Scenes

With the "Justice League" movie now in theatres, once you've settled down and discussed the movie over and over again with your friends, you'll no doubt come to the realization that there were some scenes that didn't make it in to the theatrical cut of the film.

As is sometimes the case, footage shown in early trailers, promos and TV spots aren't always included in the final version that gets screened in theatres. As you may have heard, according to the Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara wanted the superhero movie to come in under two hours. And while that may seem short by some standards, the movie doesn't suffer for it. If anything, it moves along at a good pace mostly, even feeling slow early on.

However, the two hour running time obviously required some extra editing take place, and footage we'd seen online to promote the film didn't end up making it into what we watched on the big screen.

The following video is my attempt at pointing out some of the more obvious omissions. There are probably others, but these are the major ones I noticed after one viewing...

Let me know if you can think of any others, or what you think these omitted scenes may have revealed that we still are unsure of. The hologram? Who was Alfred talking to?

"Justice League" is in theatres now. Purchase your tickets from Fandango.

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