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June 5, 2017: "Wonder Woman" Movie Inspired by "Superman: The Movie"

Patty Jenkins, the director of the "Wonder Woman" movie, recently told EW.com how she was inspired by Richard Donner's "Superman: The Movie", even inserting a number of tributes to the film into her movie.

What the heroine stands for - core values like freedom and equality - aren't too far removed from Superman's principled pursuit of truth, justice, and the American Way, and it was Richard Donner's landmark origin story that sealed Jenkins' passion for superhero cinema. "It was my Star Wars," she says.

Jenkins held that film close to her heart while she toiled away on Wonder Woman, ensuring that the spirit of Superman was felt in her superhero film. You'll see it in some of the film's smaller moments - like when Diana and Steve Trevor are cornered in a London alley, or the unabashed love affair the two main characters share in the piece.

The alley scene isn't the only nod to "Superman: The Movie" in the film. Not only does Diana don a pair of glasses to form her secret identity, but she also has trouble exiting through a revolving door... Something Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent did in "Superman: The Movie" as he exited the Daily Planet building as he follows Lois Lane outside.

If you haven't yet seen "Wonder Woman", in theaters now, I'd highly recommend you go see it. The film has the perfect balance of action, drama and humor, and is breaking box office records in its first week of release, already taking in $100.5 million in North America and an additional $122.5 million internationally.

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