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June 27, 2017: Is Warner Bros. Considering a Live-Action "Superman: Red Son" Movie?

"Superman: Red Son" is an Elseworlds comic book story written by Mark Millar (published in 2003) which reimagines Superman's origin to have him land in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas, America. The hit story, a favorite amongst many Superman fans, was recently pitched to Warner Bros. by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts ("Kong: Skull Island"), but rejected... or so he thought.

A conversation between Mark Millar and Jordan Vogt-Roberts via Twitter has revealed that Jordan pitched the "Superman: Red Son" idea to Warner Bros. a few months ago, but was knocked back. To Jordan's surprise, Mark Millar reveals however that he's heard whispers that the studio is pitching the "Red Son" concept to other directors.

Could Millar have his wires crossed? Is Warner Bros. really considering a live-action "Superman: Red Son" film? Would this be something Superman fans would want to see on the big screen?

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