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November 11, 2002: Another Superman Movie Review

Not to be out done by Aint It Cool News, Corona's "Coming Attractions" website has published its own review of the supposed latest script handed in by JJ Abrams for the up-coming "Superman" movie.

More favorable than the AICN review, this review by Corona's "Darwin" tells you all about J.J. Abrams draft of the Man of Steel - and why he thinks it's fantastic. Here's an excerpt from his review...

The one thing that baffled me during the uproar over J.J. Abrams' script for SUPERMAN was the outcry and rage about the changes that had been made. As true fans, these people should have realized that Superman's story, his origin, has been dramatically altered with each new generation of writers to hold him in their hands. With each new mind comes an improvement or addition to who Superman is and where he came from. It's fitting that J.J., who's leading the charge for the new movie, did exactly the same thing. Because let's be honest here, when we're cursing the heavens over what's become of our Superman: in the original comic he didn't even fly.

I think I can understand the immediate response. J.J. shoves the change right in your face. Superman's father, Jor-El, is no longer the man who gives a hideous I-told-you-so to his superiors as the planet they're on falls apart. Now he's the leader of Taza, a Kryptonian nation, which is embroiled in a civil war. Krypton no longer explodes. Now Taza is laid waste by giant robots. The people of the utopian Taza are slaughtered; the survivors are rounded up and enslaved in a concentration camp. Before being captured, Jor-El puts his only son, Kal-El, in a transport capsule and shoots him into space, toward Earth. And who is behind this warring, bloodthirsty army that sends Taza to its knees? Jor-El's brother, Kata-Zor. It seems Kata-Zor didn't like being pushed aside by their daddy to give way to Jor-El and took it personal. And now, with the help of his own son, Ty-Zor, he's going to make him suffer.

At this point, if you're a fan, you're saying, "Wait a second -- Krypton doesn't explode? Jor-El's brother does what? Ty-Zor? What the hell is going on?"

Understandable. And it's just as understandable if you turn your back now and never give it a chance. But you shouldn't, because the alterations pay off later on in a big way. If you can hold everything in after seeing how J.J. glibly re-created the whole damn universe your favorite superhero lives in, you'll see he has something worth your time.

Read the complete review at the "Coming Attractions" website.

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