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September 14, 2002: Keanu Reeves as Superman?

Yesterday FoxNews published an article written by Roger Friedman titled "Keanu for Superman's New 'Excellent Adventure'?". The article's author spews forth a bunch of drivel about his "sources" telling him that Keanu Reeves has been tapped to play Superman in the up-coming new film, and that the Director will be Brett Ratner.

Before I give you an excerpt from the FoxNews article let me give you my thoughts on why this article is simply designed to stir the pot, get some publicity for FoxNews and the author, and nothing else...

Firstly, Keanu Reeves as Superman is laughable, and the only reason his name is mentioned (in my opinion) is to play the whole "Reeves" name game (as you'll see when you read the complete article).

Secondly, we've just seen reports from Cinescape (on September 12th) where they actually spoke with McG (who, from his comments, is still connected as Diretor of this movie).

Thirdly, it has been announced that the movie will most likely be titled "Superman: The Man of Steel", where in this FoxNews article the author says it will be "Superman: Last Son of Krypton"... A possibility, granted, but not one that has been mentioned in any other reliable report on this movie.

Anyway, this is only my opinion... and only time will tell... In the mean time, here's an excerpt from the FoxNews article, and below a link to the complete article... Feel free to form your own opinions on the matter:

It's on, it's off, and on again. Superman is back in the planning stages at Warner Bros.

My sources tell me that Keanu Reeves, star of Warner Bros.'s very successful The Matrix has been tapped by director Brett Ratner, to play the Man of Steel in Superman: Last Son of Krypton. Jeffrey Abrams, who wrote the feature Regarding Henry and invented TV's "Felicity" series, wrote the final, accepted script.

Ratner, director of the forthcoming Red Dragon, the Rush Hour movies, and the very interesting Family Man, is just about to sign to direct Last Son, finally ending Warner's tango with director McG, who is busy readying Charlie's Angels 2. Ratner had been rumored in Variety last month as a possible Superman director among many. But I'm told the deal is done and he is in.

Read the complete article at the FoxNews website.

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