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September 14, 2002: Confusion Over Director of New Superman Movie!

The Latino Review website have just published a one on one interview they conducted with Brett Ratner. It appears that we have quite a bit of confusion surrounding just who will be directing this new Superman movie, because as far as Ratner is concerned the movie is his... Yet McG seems to think he's got the job... Let's hope Warner Bros. clears this up soon...

The Latino Review guys not only interviewed Ratner about the movie, but they also spoke to Sir Anthony Hopkins about the possibility of him playing Jor-El... Here's an excerpt from the interview...

Q: What's next for you?

A: Superman

Q: Definitely?

A: Definitely

Q: Reason I'm asking, is because they say McG is doing it still, and one minute you were attached to the project...

A: I don't know unless I got fired between yesterday and today.

Q: What would you like to do with the franchise that hasn't been done before?

A: I see a man in a red and blue suit, a man flying through the air. That's basically my vision.

Q: Come on!?

A: [Laughing} What? That's what I see. I see a guy flying through the air in a blue and red suit. Again it's in the script. J.J. Abrams delivered a f%#@ing amazing script and that's why I'm doing it. They [WB] talked to me about it when Tim Burton fell out of it the first time, and I think it was Kevin Smith's script? Right? It wasn't there [the script]. This movie [script] has heart, it has soul, and its different enough you know? It's got emotion, it's real, you care about the character. Kids today don't know those movies; they [the movies] were done 20 years ago. 10-year-old kids know SUPERMAN, but they don't know the mythology.

Read the complete interview with both Ratner and Anthony Hopkins at the Latino Review website.

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