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May 19, 2002: TIME Magazine on Super-Heroes

The May 19, 2002 (Volume 159 No. 20) issue of TIME Magazine has an article titled "Superhero Nation" written by James Poniewozik. Mainly focused on the new "Spider-Man" movie, the article does however mention Superman and his various incarnations... although not necessarily in a positive light. Here's an excerpt from the article...

It's probably the most repeated line from the movie Spider-Man: Peter Parker's ailing Aunt May asks her doting nephew not to work so hard. After all, she reminds him, "you're not Superman." The joke is on her, because we know that her nephew is in fact a superhero; but it's also on us, because she has pinpointed what we like about not only Spider-Man and his geeky-sweet alter ego Peter, but most of the masked marvels we've followed from the comics to the screen. We don't want our superheroes to be invulnerable Supermen - Clark Kent's sad-sack persona is as essential to fans as Superman's ability to turn steel girders into pasta ribbons. It's not enough that superheroes fight our battles. We need them to suffer our heartbreaks, reflect our anxieties, embody our weaknesses.

Superman began life as a kind of populist statement. Created in 1938 by two Jewish colleagues, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, he offered justice for the little guy at the tail end of the Depression and upended the Nazi concept of the Ubermensch. "There was an enormous desire to see social justice, a rectifying of corruption," says DC Comics president Paul Levitz. "Superman was a fulfillment of a pent-up passion for the heroic solution." Batman, a morally ambiguous, revenge-driven crusader, emerged in 1939, at the outset of World War II, as the darker side of the heroic solution. Then when America entered the war, straightforwardly patriotic heroes like Captain America and Wonder Woman hit Hitler where he lived.

Read the complete article at the TIME Magazine website.

Thanks to Pedro Martins for the lead.

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