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July 9, 2002: More on the “Batman vs Superman” Movie

The Hollywood Reporter has also published an article today on the up-coming "Batman vs Superman" movie. Titled Petersen teams with Warners on superhero epic the article is written by Zorianna Kit, and has the following details that were not included in the Daily Variety article (mentioned above)...

Wolfgang Petersen will direct and produce through his studio-based Radiant Prods. The project, which is out to actors, is expected to have its title heroes cast in two to four weeks.

Petersen already had been attached to the project but was eyeing other possible projects, including the studio's epic feature "Trojan War" (HR 3/22). However, the helmer has decided on "Batman vs. Superman" as his next project, though no start date has been set.

With a current screenplay draft written by Andrew Kevin Walker, "Batman vs. Superman" sees the two superheroes team up against evil forces. In an interview, the German-born Petersen said he chose the project not only because of the quality of Walker's script, which he called "amazing," but also because of a lifelong fascination with American culture.

"As a European, it is challenging to do a project about these two American icons together in one movie," he said. "Growing up with American comics, to make a movie based on two of them is fascinating. I love it."

Said Warners production president Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who will oversee the project with senior vp production Bob Brassell: "We are very pleased that Wolfgang Petersen is bringing his considerable talent to this newest episode of two of our most important franchises. In his hands, 'Batman vs. Superman' will carry forward the Warner Bros. superhero tradition. We look forward to starting this project as soon as possible."

Although the plot is being kept under wraps, Petersen offered a few hints:

  • In addition to the two heroes, there are "three great parts for women," he said.

  • Superman's Metropolis and Batman's Gotham City will be featured in the project. "They are the bright and dark side, which essentially is two sides of the same coin," the filmmaker said. "That is the principle of the movie, which reflects what life is all about."

  • The film will be character-driven, which will affect casting. "We are not going to go with typical action stars but great actors who will do an action-oriented part," he said.

  • There will be a conflict between the heroes. "Superman stands for what is powerful, clear, bright, noble and just; Batman is dark, obsessive and vengeful," Petersen said. "Because they are so different, they will inevitably end up clashing. It will be a battle of the titans."

  • Although the two crime-fighters will team up against evildoers, each will experience his own inner conflict. "They both go through some kind of a crisis," Petersen said. "Superman has an unwavering belief in what is right and wrong and it's just not that simple anymore in today's world, while Batman is on a path of self-destruction. He reacts to an act of incredible violence in a way that almost puts him over the edge."

    Petersen says he is aiming for a start date early next year, after about six or seven months of prep time. He hopes the completed film will serve as a summer tentpole release.

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