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JLA #78

December 5, 2002: Joe Kelly Talks New JLA Lineup

The Newsarama website has posted an interview with JLA writer Joe Kelly, where they discuss with him the new line-up for the Justice League and up-coming events in the comic. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

Q: First off, the cover to issue #78 looks a little slim - is the lineup as shown the full team?

Joe Kelly: No - there are more guys than shown on the team - more than eight. I'm loosening the reins a little as far as who's on the team for a little while, and expanding past the Big 7 to try and get a little fresh blood in, and try some new things, but also obviously, keep those guys around. Although some of the characters who are conspicuously absent on the cover are going to be absent for a while.

Q: Such as the Martian Manhunter?

JK: Could be.

Q: Well - the other character that seems almost a little odd to be missing, especially in light of the recent storyline is Aquaman. After all, the League just went through all this trouble to rescue him, and he shows his appreciation by not rejoining?

JK: Right - don't worry - all of the big questions get addressed in #76 as to who's on the team. As we're all hamstrung constantly because of solicits, if people aren't visible in that lineup, you find out why in #76. On top of that, as I said, there are one or two guys who are just missing from the cover shot on #78, who are sticking around.

As far as the Aquaman stuff, I would just point people to his ongoing series. It's one of the tough balancing acts with the JLA - they're not fully my toys, so when something comes along, and they tell me they're going to do a big relaunch for Aquaman, and they want it to come out of a story I'm telling, it's like, "Great - when do I get to use him?" Well, he has to go through X, Y, and Z for a little while. Sometimes it takes a little while for that kind of stuff to kick back, but there usually is a master plan for most of it.

Read the complete interview at the Newsarama website.

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