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Supergirl #36
Cover date: January 2020
"Who's Laughing Now?"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
After arriving in the Fortress with Krypto, the Girl of Steel is confronted by an invader and frozen to the spot. Brainiac 1.0 has infected Kara Zor-El with nano-probes that are slowly taking over her mind and body using his dark gift from Lex Luthor to unlock the Kryptonian databanks in the Fortress. Kara awakens from her trance and, leaving Krypto behind, races to an emergency she picks up with her super hearing. When Kara arrives she finds infected Justice League and Titan members battling uninfected heroes. When Kara questions Batman as to what is going on he refuses but instructs Supergirl to protect her cousin. Kara races ahead of a deadly batarang and catches it before it infects Superman. The deadly infection causes her to collapse. When Kara reawakens she is in the presence of the other infected. 'The Commissioner' Jim Gordon, 'Deathbringer' Donna Troy, 'Scarab' Blue Beetle, 'Sky Tyrant' Hawkman and 'King' Shazam. Supergirl is now one of the deadly Secret Six. Kara's memory returns and she remembers meeting Brainiac 1.0. The infection kills the nano-probes in Supergirl's system and she leaves her new teammates to exact some revenge.

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Supergirl Annual #2
Cover date: January 2020
"The Best Day of Her Life"
Writer: Robert Vendetti
Penciller: Laura Braga
Inker: Laura Braga
As the infection from The Batman Who Laughs spreads through her body Kara's mind retreats to the past. She remembers a sports event back on Argo where she scored the winning point against Kryptonopolis and a burgeoning romance with Rix Zod. As the ground-quakes begin escalating Kara tries to retreat into her memories further, experiencing her time on Krypton when she was most comfortable and confident. Peppering her memories, the virus begins tainting them by taking over the bodies of people in her past. As events escalate closer and closer to the end of Krypton Kara begins to realize she is the only one who remembers Krypton, the only one who remembers Lara, Jor, Alura and Zor. The sights and sounds of Krypton live only in her head and as she is pulled from her memories to the present, Kara's need to belong, to not be alone... drives her right into the arms of The Batman Who Laughs. He offers her a life without emotional baggage, freedom to be Kara Zor-El, no human trappings but the girl she was always meant to be. Now in the present Kara confronts Superman and makes him an offer.

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Supergirl #37
Cover date: February 2020
"I'm The Bad Guy"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
Supergirl is experiencing a feeling of freedom under the influence of the virus. Her uninhibited side helps her enjoy her super heroism but the public don't see the beautiful young woman inside, instead they see a warped, ashen-faced, leather-clad warrior and... they are scared of her. Superman tries to reach out to his cousin but of course he is not as lackadaisical as Kara and isn't prepared for her aggression. When Superman fails Batman attempts to fight Supergirl's new egotistical side. Clark tries to reason with her and when Bruce is at Kara's mercy the virus begins to falter. Supergirl races away as the virus begins fighting against Kara's alien physiology. Kara instinctively flies to National City and dons some baggy clothing, hoping to get a little respite from the virus' influence. When she bumps into a face from her past the virus begins to fade. This momentary lapse is short lived as a high pitched laugh draws Supergirl away at super speed directly into the arms of The Batman Who Laughs. He has a plan and Supergirl is part of it whether she likes it or not.

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Supergirl #38
Cover date: March 2020
"I'm The Bad Guy" - Part 2
Writer: Jody Houser
Artists: Rachael Stott and Inaki Miranda
Krypto hunts down Kara and discovers that the infected Girl of Steel has set up a base in Smallville. He discovers Kara is maniacal and has stolen tech from Superman's Fortress and plans to use it to infect the general populace, starting with the community that raised her annoying cousin. Batman and Superman are hiding out in the Fortress of Solitude tracking Krypto. When Clark discovers Kara is in his hometown he makes it clear that he intends to save his cousin but Bruce reminds him that Kara is one of six infected and if they draw attention to the fact their friends are carriers of a disease it could have severe ramifications for the superhero community. Clark agrees on the understanding that the only other person powerful enough to reach out to Kara does so without killing her. Supergirl keeping incommunicado fails as the impatient heroine crashes into Smallville Public Library in full view of several phone cameras. Kara's display of bravado has the opposite effect and instead of recruiting followers the townsfolk they turn into a raging mob. Before Kara can turn violent Wonder Woman arrives and protects the crowd. The two women fight as Diana tries her best to reach the real Kara's personality buried deep inside the infected creature. Brute force and powers are an even match with neither woman backing down. Diana remembers that Kara shares Superman's vulnerability to magic and binds the Girl of Steel with her lasso. The power of the lasso frees Kara's mind but what happens now?

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Supergirl #39
Cover date: April 2020
"I'm The Bad Guy" - Part 3
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Rachael Stott
Superman's identity revelation pushes Washington into action. With Smallville being revealed as his earthly origins there is media focus on it and with Supergirl taking it prisoner the military decide to use Lexcorp tech to put an end to the Girl of Steel's plot at any cost. Elsewhere Kara begins to free herself from infection with the help of Wonder Woman. The magic lasso can only hold the infection off for so long and when her disease resurges Kara takes out her rage on Krypto and Diana. Robots with kryptonite lasers attack and cause untold devastation in Smallville. As Wonder Woman fights them off Kara starts feeling her old heroic self emerge and tries saving the population from harm. Kara's control over the disease rescinds and it mutates her further. Kara turns her attention back to killing Diana.

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Supergirl #40
Cover date: May 2020
"I'm The Bad Guy" - Finale
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Rachael Stott
Wonder Woman realizes that the kryptonite from the robots weakened Kara enough for the virus to get a stronger hold on her body. Diana promptly dispatches of the deadly mineral and tries reaching out to Supergirl in between exchange after exchange of blows. Kara's personality begins to re-emerge but when Diana's words cut too deeply Supergirl almost kills the Amazon. If not for Krypto's intervention Wonder Woman would be no more but Diana makes one last attempt to reach out to Kara. When Supergirl realizes the people of Smallville hate and fear her new 'evolution' where once they had loved her, she tries to kill the disease. Saying a tearful farewell Kara launches herself into space and into the warmth of the sun. Hoping to burn the disease out of her doesn't work and the flaring sun forces Kara back to Earth and into the grasp of The Batman Who Laughs...

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Supergirl #41
Cover date: July 2020
"Where Do We Go?" - Finale: Part 1
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Rachael Stott
Supergirl is free of infection, but not entirely of its mental toll. Now back in action, Kara sees a hurricane and races to stop it... except visions of her actions while infected cloud her mind. Shaking it off Kara races to help those in the hurricane's path. Krypto returns and is relieved Supergirl is cured and the two share a fleeting moment of friendship and forgiveness. Kara's visions cloud again and she finds herself on Argo, when in reality she is in the home of a civilian as it succumbs to the hurricane. General Banes is watching Supergirl via satellite feeds and decides to take action against the Girl of Steel purely over her prejudice and suspicion that Supergirl is still under the Batman Who Laughs' control. Supergirl finds two children that have been separated from their parents. They refuse to leave their home in case their parents make it back, so Kara asks Krypto to protect them while she gets them supplies. Kara's visions worsen but she refuses to succumb to them and after ensuring the children are safe in their home she and Krypto search for survivors. General Banes has other ideas and arrives with a final ultimatum for Supergirl.

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Supergirl #42
Cover date: August 2020
"Where Do We Go?" - Finale
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Rachael Stott
Supergirl rescues Krypto from General Banes as the storm rages around them, but as it turns out Kara isn't fully cured of her disease and begins seeing visions of villains from her past. Fighting them off she realizes the Kryptonite from the General's suit is affecting her and Krypto and this time Wonder Woman isn't around to help her. Kara begs Krypto to flee before he is hurt but he decides to stand by her to the end. Director Bones, Rogol Zaar, Zor-El (Cyborg), Starshame and even her infected self take turns to attack Supergirl. When Banes challenges Kara to be the evil alien she thinks Supergirl really is, Kara proves her wrong by heading directly into Smallville's eye of the storm. Banes is stunned to see Kara rescue survivors trapped in buildings. As the storm fades, the military arrives and under Banes' supervision request Kara agrees to being taken into custody for her behavior while infected. The survivors are stunned that Supergirl faces arrest and form a protest to protect her. Using the crowd as a distraction Kara and Krypto make the decision to leave planet earth. The End... for now.

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Here is a listing of the Supergirl monthly title since its Post-Rebirth relaunch in August 2016 until its conclusion in 2020 with issue #42. In 2021 an 8-issue 'Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow' series was published. The Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue are listed within the Comic Book Index pages, directly below each title's name and number.

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