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Supergirl: Rebirth #1
Cover date: October 2016
"Supergirl: Rebirth"
Writer: Steve Orlando
Penciller: Emanuela Lupacchino
Inker: Ray McCarthy
Argo City - Then: Sometime after Krypton's destruction and launching a rocket containing his daughter Kara to Earth, Zor-El banishes Lor-An, a Kryptonian suffering from Red Kryptonite poisoning, to the Phantom Zone until a cure can be found. Earth - Now: The Department of Extranormal Operations and its agents Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, newly assigned foster parents of Kara Zor-El, are trying to help her regain her superhuman abilities. This time, they're trying to rocket Kara into Earth's yellow sun. As the ship reaches its destination, Lor-An arrives on Earth and becomes the Kryptonian equivalent of a werewolf thanks to the moonlight. Lor-An is attacking the DEO as Kara returns from the stars fully powered. Supergirl is back! Supergirl and Lor-An fight until she tells him that all of Argo City's inhabitants are dead, and the city itself was destroyed. He surrenders when Kara promises that she and the DEO will help search for the cure for him that her father never succeeded in finding. With that, Kara Zor-El must live up to her end of the bargain she made with the DEO. If they restore her powers, Supergirl must help the secret government agency investigate potential threats. The Danvers family must move to National City, where Kara goes to National City Technical High School. However, when the forces of evil strike, it's a job for Supergirl. Argo City - Now: In the ruins of Argo City, the Cyborg Superman, better known to readers of the New 52 Supergirl series as Zor-El. Has assimilated a Kryptonian corpse, bringing a new cybernetic organism to life.

Supergirl #1 Read Review KindleDownload iBookBuy Now
Supergirl #1
Cover date: November 2016
"Reign of the Cyborg Supermen" - Part One
Writer: Steve Orlando
Penciller: Brian Ching
Inker: Ray McCarthy
Kara Zor-El is having trouble acclimating to her life on Earth in National City while looking back on how things were on Krypton. She even remembers her parents' promise to follow her to Earth. To make matters worse, head of the D.E.O., Director Chase is angry about Supergirl's unauthorized mission to stop data thieves on a train robbery. No matter how her assigned foster parents the Agents Danvers try to make her feel at home by speaking Kryptonian and decorating their living room like one on Krypton from years past, the Girl of Steel feels more alien than ever on this extraterrestrial planet. She eventually finds sanctuary in her cousin's Fortress until her father, now a cyborg version of Superman, asks her to go with him to what remains of Argo City.

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Supergirl #2
Cover date: December 2016
"Reign of the Cyborg Supermen" - Part Two
Writer: Steve Orlando
Penciller: Brian Ching
Inker: Ray McCarthy
Kara Danvers is interviewing for a position at Cat Grant's Catco Worldwide Media. Her main competition for a job there is Ben Rubel. Supergirl, meanwhile is looking to see if she can help Mastrocola, the villain she put in prison in last month's issue, to become a productive member of society while the Cyborg Superman, who is her father Zor-El, has shown the Maid of Might the truth about her family and Argo City as recently dead Kryptonians there are now cybernetic organisms. This, as the last page reveals, includes Kara's mother Alura. Next month there will surely be an intense family reunion.

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Here is a listing of the Supergirl monthly title since its Post-Rebirth relaunch in August 2016 until its conclusion in 2020 with issue #42. In 2021 an 8-issue 'Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow' series was published. The Writer, Penciller and Inker for each issue are listed within the Comic Book Index pages, directly below each title's name and number.

Note: Remember, the month dates listed are from the issue covers, not the actual date when the comic was on sale.


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