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Supergirl #24
Cover date: January 2019
"A (Super)Girl Walks into a Bar"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Evan "Doc" Shaner
Inker: Karl Kessel
Stop me if you have heard this one before... A Supergirl walks into a bar... Just as the title suggests this issue continues Kara's search for answers to the claims Rogol Zaar made that he is the being responsible for the destruction of Krypton. Ambush Bug is getting booed off the stage when people notice the Kryptonian crest poking out from under Kara's cloak. When Kara asks if anyone knows anything about a Rogol Zaar they try and brush it off as if they have no clue. No one steps forward, so Kara says, "Tell me or I will make you tell me, either way works for me." Gandelo, is informed that Kara has been located and says he has an "Independent contractor at the ready" to deal with her. After some harsh words at the bar, a brawl breaks out. Krypto joins in the fray, but with Kara not being around Earth's yellow sun to recharge her powers she is soon overtaken by the crowd of patrons. A large creature raises his weapon and is about to put Kara down for good when Kara reveals the axe of Rogol Zaar and uses it defend herself. Immediately the crowd backs away from her and some even praise her as the "The Axe Queen". A creature is about to tell Kara what he knows when he is shot down by another. She finds another crystal like the one that was given to her last issue, and picks up a "traveling companion" named Z'ndr Kol who convinces her to take him off planet. As the ship travels through space, Kara gets really ill as they find themselves smack dab in the middle where Krypton once was.

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Supergirl #25
Cover date: February 2019
"Picking Over the Bones"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Emanuela Lupacchino
Inker: Ray McCarthy
Kara's quest has taken her to where Krypton used to be, remnants of the planet are still floating around the area, putting both Kara and Krypto in lethal danger. Kara instructs Z'ndr to assist her in putting on a space suit shielding her from the lethal radiation. After securing Krypto in a suit as well Kara explores outside the ship were she is attacked by the caretaker of Krypton, a being known as Splyce. As the two battle, Kara's shielding from the radiation begins to wear off and she hallucinates about being back on Krypton as a little girl. During these hallucinations she learns that possibly her father had something to do with the destruction of her home world. The fighting continues when a bright light appears and both combatants disappear leaving Z'ndr and Krypto wondering where they went.

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Supergirl #26
Cover date: March 2019
"Secrets and Lies"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Sean Parsons, Scott Hanna and Wade Von Grawbadger
Kara, having her lost her battle with Splyce last issue, finds herself prisoner of an Earthling named Harry Hokum, a "Space Nazi" as he was referred to. With her powers drained from lack of yellow sunshine, she is a helpless captive. Thinking Kara's blood might have some curing properties, Hokum decides not to kill her but to experiment on her. Splyce blasts Supergirl for being insubordinate with a solar power energy blast, just enough to give Supergirl a little super-boost, which she decides to save for a more opportune time. Thrown into a prison cell with other various aliens, it is here she decides to use her little boost of super strength to free all the prisoners and attempt an escape. She meets up with the Omega Men, who have their own vendetta against Hokum. Agreeing to help each other they are met by an army of Hokum's soldiers who are ordered to kill them all... except the Kryptonian.

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Supergirl #27
Cover date: April 2019
"Collateral Damages"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
Aboard the Citadel Grand Warship, Kara is severely weakened after the poisoning. Despite the threat she is determined to fight Hokum and his creation Splyce alongside the Omega Men in order to protect the innocent. While the Girl of Steel fights on Z'ndr Kol tends to a weakened Krypto and listens to the angry musings of his adoptive mother. As Hokum watches in amusement, Kara resorts to a plasma rifle to battle the shape shifting Splyce. The creature has realized her Tamaranean powers could reenergize Supergirl and Hokum wonders if he can create an even stronger creature by splicing in Kryptonian DNA to his creature. The Omega Men secure an escape craft and load on survivors ready to escape into the Vega system but Kara watches in horror as Splyce murders a child trying to get away. Despite her tearful anger Kara spares the life of her foe and escapes with the Omega Men. Z'ndr meanwhile has defied his mother for the last time. He sees something in Kara and Krypto that his mother clearly does not and by siding with a Kryptonian he endures a savage beating. Krypto, now fully healed, reawakens and rescues Z'ndr and they also escape in a craft. Kara watches their ship disappear while she tends to the survivors. She also notices a small scar on the neck of some of the Omega Men's friends but by the time she realizes the connection it's too late. They've been double crossed by genetic copies aboard their craft, and aboard the warship Hokum has succeeded in creating an army of warped Supergirl clones to wreak revenge.

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Supergirl #28
Cover date: May 2019
"Clone Wars"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
As the Omega Men and Supergirl battle the genetic clones. Kara tries to prevent them reaching the outpost using the axe she stole from Rogol Zaar despite knowing it amplifies rage. Ryand'r's solar power helps but the battle is a dangerous one. Even trying to reach out to her sisters doesn't seem to overcome their rage. Z'ndr and Krypto are soaring through space in the escape craft looking for signs of Kara and it's only by pure luck that Krypto notices a very weak signal on the video screen and the duo set a course to rejoin their friend. Back on the Omega Men's ship Kara asks Ryan'dr for a power boost and he obliges in his own unique way and the backlash causes their unstable genetics to collapse in literal piles of goo. Kara swears revenge and takes the fight directly to Hokum. Kara snatches Appa's ring as Hokum is teleported away to safety and investigated the ship making a horrific discovery. Kalista tells Kara that their friends that Hokum experimented on have survived but will remain in stasis until they can be cured. Ryand'r also gives Supergirl a parting gift - her superpowers at maximum strength just in time for Z'ndr and Krypto to reunite with them. Hokum finds himself at the mercy of Lord Gandelo who shows no mercy to the deranged scientist. Gandelo teleports Hokum into deep space and watches him suffocate. Gandelo holds a holo-conference with the Rannians and Thanagarians revealing that Supergirl knows the truth about The Circle. They insist Rogol Zaar has gone rogue but they all risk exposure if Supergirl reveals what she has seen. Gandelo sends an order to Rogol Zaar's planet, R'Venna, with an order to kill Kara Zor-El and the entire planet swears to continue Zaar's work.

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Supergirl #29
Cover date: June 2019
"Crystal Clarity"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
Kara, Z'ndr and Krypto have escaped to Planet Tavaar. The young Coluan reveals to Kara how he got his cybernetic arm as the three bond. When talk veers to Z'ndr's mother he struggles to hide his secret, luckily for the strained conversation, Krypto approaches with something he's dug up... one of Appa's memory crystals. After some digging, and Z'ndr also mysteriously possessing a piece, they have the entire set. Rogol Zaar's axe activates Appa's artificial intelligence and it in turn begins to spew out all the mysteries of The Circle. The purpose of The Circle was a noble one but one of its founders Empress Gandelo wanted to take control of it and use its power and influence to be a force for change rather than reactionary with Rogol Zaar as its tool. A personal vendetta led Zaar and Gandelo to betray The Circle and use technology stolen for Kara's father to take control of galaxy after galaxy. Appa tells Kara to take the crystals to Oa to end The Circle for good. As Zaar's followers arrive on Tavaar they begin attacking the heroes. They leave destruction in their wake until Kara reveals her possession of the axe. As the followers swear a new allegiance to Supergirl, Z'ndr's worst nightmare unfolds as his mother, Empress Gandelo appears with murder on her mind.

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Supergirl #30
Cover date: July 2019
"Fractured Trust"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Sean Parsons
The truth about Z'ndr comes out and Kara is not happy. Gandelo sows the seeds of distrust and attempts to manipulate both her adopted son and the Girl of Steel. Kara is clearly feeling betrayed despite Z'ndr explaining that he has changed sides. With Krypto guarding the heartbroken Coluan, Supergirl starts a fist fight with Gandelo. The villain is extremely powerful but as Kara's mind races through the loss of Krypton, the murder of Kandor and the dirty work of Rogol Zaar and The Circle, it is Supergirl who gains the upper hand. Z'ndr seeing events unfold begs for Krypto to intervene and he does at a crucial point in the fight that is a truly life changing moment for Kara. As Kara shatters Gandelo's crystal form she freezes her so she cannot reform. The sense of relief lasts seconds as Rogol Zaar's axe is suddenly called away and as it soars to an unknown destination Kara and Krypto are whisked away with it and right into a firefight involving Clark and Jonathan! Meanwhile Z'ndr realizes that Rogol Z'aar's disciples are still alive and very angry...

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Supergirl #31
Cover date: August 2019
"The House of El: United"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Kevin Maguire & Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Sean Parsons & Eber Ferreira
Kara returns to find herself in the middle of a war. A quick catch up from Clark and Kara. Using Zaar's axe she destroys the hull of one of the Khund ships. Zaar makes a play for the axe but Supergirl uses his own weapon against him. Kara wonders where Gandelo vanished to given her forces are part of the attack, and we find that the warship Zanthanos has rescued the villainess. The Khunds angry at the damage to their ship take their anger out of Rogol Zaar and die for their insurrection. Kara takes on Zaar alone once more and feels the axe beginning to bond to her. Jon intervenes and pulls the foes far apart. With the combined might of Kara, Jon, Clark, Krypto and the axe, they manage to force back the armies and escape in Jor-El's ship. Jon and Krypto offer to help battle Gandelo while Jor and Clark have some much needed alone time. Gandelo, humiliated, orders open war on all Kryptonians but is she ready for the response? We're about to find out.

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Supergirl #32
Cover date: September 2019
"The House of El: United" - " Glass Houses"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Kevin Maguire
Kara, Krypto and Jon arrive on the Trilium home world and seek out Empress Gandelo. A little creature at her side ejects spores that rapidly grow into an army of slimy protectors. Jon and Krypto proceed to squash them one by one while Kara attacks Gandelo. The crystalline villain transforms into a winged harpy and reveals that The Circle ensured the galaxy thrived due to Krypton's destruction. She also reveals that they were responsible for killing Zaar's entire race too. Almost on cue Zaar appears and upon hearing the revelation aims to kill the villain. Kara is adamant she is not going to relinquish Zaar's axe and as Zaar rips Gandelo's wings off he then turns his rage on Supergirl. Z'ndr in Kara's ship soars into the fight and offers to fight by Kara's side but the two heroes are horrified to see Zaar murder Gandelo. As Jon and Krypto arrive Kara instructs Jon to activate his teleporter and they all escape Zaar's bloodlust and appear back on Jor-El's ship. They may live to fight another day but in the confusion Zaar was able to reclaim his axe and that means trouble is on its way. Elsewhere a drone of Lex Luthor's tracks Brainiac-1 to his hiding place in Metropolis. A hologram of Luthor appears and makes the scavenger an offer he cannot refuse.

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Supergirl #33
Cover date: October 2019
"The House of El: United" - Finale
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
Awaiting a verdict from the Black Guard, Kara looks down on Zaar's axe which is now a brittle charred shell. Kara struggles with the death and destruction in caused while Kal, Zoe and Jon bicker amongst themselves. Kara thinks back to the final moments of the battle in the graveyard of Krypton and how it was her blow from the axe that ultimately ended the fight. Zaar offered his life as an ultimatum but the Black Guard took all the fighters into custody before Kara could fully think through her decision. In the present, the Khunds arrive to take revenge on Zaar and Jon-El but a chance comment from Jon leads to a temporary truce. As the teen suggests an intergalactic United Nations, time freezes and a portal opens to reveal Saturn Girl leading the Legion of Superheroes to aa meeting that would change their lives forever. Later, Kara has a video chat with Z'ndr and he reveals he is now Emperor of The Trillium Collective in his stepmothers place. Though the transmission transmission is weak, the two star crossed lovers share a tender moment before Kal summons his cousin. To set up the United Planets will take lengthy negotiations. The Legions arrival may point to success but it will be a long time before the politics are ironed out and so the Man of Steel seeing how strong a hero she has become opts to stay in space and leave Earth under Kara's protection. Kara has adapted Jor-El's teleportation device into her own suit and along with Krypto arrives back on Earth. Until such a time that Superman returns, Kara will continue the never ending battle.

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Supergirl #34
Cover date: November 2019
"Post Mortem"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
Supergirl has discovered the note from her mother with the single phrase 'LEVIATHAN' in the remains of the Danvers family home. Her foster parents Jeremiah and Eliza are missing presumed dead. As Supergirl and Krypto soar through the skies, Ben Rubel sees her from the crowds and solemnly notices a missing persons poster of Kara Danvers. Supergirl arrives at the new government site of 'The Block' and questions Dr. Shay Veritas about her parent. Shay reveals Eliza has a tracking chip and it has stopped in a Pennsylvania Medical Examiners Office so the girl of steel heads there to find answers.Once there, Kara discovers a body bag with a corpse and a metallic hand that had housed the tracking chip. Kara has little time to investigate or mourn as a horde of Leviathan soldiers arrive to attack her. Armed with Kryptonite weapons. A mysterious stranger in decommissioned DEO armor comes to the rescue of Krypto and Kara and when they unmask Kara is in for the shock of her life. Elsewhere Brainiac 1.0 is given access to the Fortress of Solitude by a dark gift awarded by Lex Luthor. When Brainiac hacks into the Fortress console, the android discovers a full repository of Kryptonian knowledge!

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Supergirl #35
Cover date: December 2019
"Missing Links"
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Julio Ferreira
Brainiac 1.0 discovers the current Brainiac's body in the Fortress aiming to use the body, the Fortress technology and his dark gift from Lex Luthor. Something goes wrong with the body and it begins to mutate into a sloppy biological mess. Brainiac 1.0 realizes that only a female Kryptonian's DNA can help him evolve. He needs Supergirl! Elsewhere Kara and Krypto are overjoyed to find Jeremiah alive. The joy is short lived as Jeremiah says goodbye to Eliza. Jeremiah retrieves Eliza's bionic hand and takes Kara out of the facility and begins telling her about Leviathan. Unbeknownst to them, a Leviathan soldier survived and watches from the shadows. Leviathan orders her to keep Jeremiah and Krypto occupied while he speaks to Supergirl and as they separate Leviathan offers Kara a deal. Kara activates her suit's anti-kryptonite nanotech and destroys Leviathan's kryptonite weapons but not in time to stop the two assailants from escaping. As Jeremiah and Kara recover from the attack a symbol appears in the sky. Kara swears to return as quickly as possible leaving Jeremiah to recover while she and Krypto race towards a horrific discovery.

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