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Supergirl #15
Cover date: January 2018
"Plain Sight" - Part One
Writer: Jody Houser and Steve Orlando
Penciller: Robson Rocha
Inker: Daniel Henriques
The Department of Extra-Normal Operations, under the command of Director Bones, is still searching for information on Supergirl's new life. Meanwhile, National City is torn. Some believe the Girl of Steel is here to help, while others see her as a threat. Among those in the latter category are the police, who are working together with the D.E.O., and CatCo head Cat Grant, who has Kara Danvers and Ben Rubel working on anti-Supergirl stories for her media outlet. Plus, Kara Zor-El is trying to balance school, work, superheroics and her private life. A teenage girl has her own trials and tribulations, but they seem to be greater when that girl is Supergirl. Director Bones has enlisted, or rather ordered to the point of threatening, Doctor Shay Veritas to work with him in finding Supergirl by any means necessary even if it means giving up some life saving projects at the Scabbard. Project 746 Sharon Vance, better known as Strange Visitor, seems to be the first used in Bones' war against Kara Zor-El, as she appears in Oceanside Memorial Park wondering what Supergirl did to her.

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Supergirl #16
Cover date: February 2018
"Plain Sight" - Part Two
Writer: Jody Houser and Steve Orlando
Penciller: Robson Rocha
Inker: Daniel Henriques
Supergirl is wanted by the D.E.O. Director Bones has sent Strange Visitor, who believes Kara Zor-El is responsible for her returning to life and not having peace, and Starshame to bring our heroine out of hiding. This works because the Lost Daughter of Krypton believes that doing nothing to save innocent people is as bad as the villains who hurt them. This turns out to do more harm than good. The people of National City still fear and distrust her, and Insight has been captured by the D.E.O for helping Supergirl escape. The Danvers family is still incognito trying to help Kara figure out a way for her to help people, expose D.E.O. corruption and live the life she wants on Earth.

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Supergirl #17
Cover date: March 2018
"Plain Sight" - Part Three
Writer: Jody Houser and Steve Orlando
Penciller: Robson Rocha and Julio Ferreira
Inker: Daniel Henriques
Supergirl versus Starshame, an extraterrestrial female whose world Krasivon's elite ruling class banished for murdering the driver who killed her parents and for being what they considered an abomination because she looked different. Starshame wants to exterminate all high society people on Earth and their children. Kara Zor-El has been unsuccessful in convincing her that she risks becoming a monster like those that exiled her or worse. The Last Daughter of Krypton is going to really need to step up her game if she is to stop her foe before innocent people are hurt. Doctor Shay Veritas is working secretly with ex-D.E.O. Director Cameron Chase to find out how new Director Bones is corrupting her work on superhuman individuals. It's going to be a race against time for them both, for if they don't succeed, Bones could very well capture and possibly subvert Supergirl for his own nefarious schemes. Ben Rubel and Kara Danvers' lives are busy with an upcoming dance and working on articles for CatCo. As Kara decides if she should go to the Solstice Semiformal with Ben, D.E.O. Agent Ocampo assigned to monitor National City Technical High School is reporting to Director Bones. She feels some students could be in reality Supergirl in disguise. Bones is not pleased with only possibilities, he wants the Girl of Steel unmasked by any means necessary. Ocampo has a tough choice. Follow orders, or side with Supergirl, who saved her during the Cyborg Superman's attack. Whatever Ocampo decides could change her fate forever. Kara is going to the school dance after much pondering and advice from Eliza Danvers. Ben Rubel is about to dance with Belinda, who accepted Ben's invitation. However, the night of music and fun is cut short with the arrival of the Anti-Kryptonian Evolutionist. The students of National City Technical High School are in grave danger, and Kara Danvers cannot change into Supergirl without revealing her secret identity to everyone. How can the Teen of Tomorrow stop this new threat without being outed publicly?

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Supergirl #18
Cover date: April 2018
"Plain Sight" - Finale
Writer: Jody Houser and Steve Orlando
Penciller: Carmen Carnero
Inker: Carmen Carnero
School dances are usually a time of fun, joy and a bundle of nerves for any teenager, but Kara Danvers gets more than she bargains for when the gravity controlling Evolutionist attacks the National City Technical High School Solstice Semiformal. The fight doesn't bode well for Supergirl until the Evolutionist's sharing of her memories gives her the idea to do the same thing. The Last Daughter of Krypton's discussion with the Cyborg Superman from issue #6 makes her foe realize that maybe her line of thinking is wrong. It's something the Evolutionist will consider before she and Supergirl meet again. Ben Rubel has offered to drive Kara Danvers home after the Evolutionists fight with Supergirl. They stop to admire the night view of Oceanside Memorial Park when Ben reveals that Kara, not Supergirl, inspires him to be his best. They dance and kiss on the beach, with Kara waking up the next morning to cries for help. Upon hearing that the D.E.O. Has things under control, she returns to Ben's arms and slows down to enjoy the moment. Doctor Shay Veritas is working covertly with Ex-D.E.O. Director Cameron Chase. However, as Veritas edges closer to truth, Director Bones' benefactor, Mokkari of Apokolips, captures her.

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Supergirl #19
Cover date: May 2018
"One Life"
Writer: Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala
Penciller: Jamal Campbell
Inker: Jamal Campbell
As Cameron Chase tries to stop Director Bones and Mokkari's plans from coming into fruition, Lee Serrano, a school student trying to discover their gender identity, meets with Ben Rubel to talk about Supergirl. The Girl of Steel rescued Lee from the Cyborg Kryptonian invaders and later became a friend to Lee. Lee is encouraged by Kara Zor-El to discuss the discomfort with, as Lee puts it, "Girl Stuff," with Lee's parents. Lee does so, and confronts bullies at school who have their own personal troubles at home. Supergirl wants to help Lee, but the Last Daughter of Krypton's new pal tells her to stay back. Lee is able to stand up to her aggressors thanks to courage given to her by her talks with Supergirl. Ben Rubel listens to Lee's recounting of these events all while wondering what he can do via CatCo. Some night later Supergirl arrives at Ben's door wondering how he wants to help her.

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Supergirl #20
Cover date: June 2018
"Girl Of Tomorrow"
Writer: Steve Orlando and Jody Houser
Penciller: Robson Rocha
Inker: Daniel Henriques
Supergirl, Cameron Chase, Ben Rubel and others have plan to expose the D.E.O., Director Bones and Mokkari's insidious intentions. While the Last Daughter of Krypton distracts Bones and Mokkari during a battle with the Viking Judge Turid Goldenaxe, Chase infiltrates the Blade to save Shay Veritas while insight steals data thanks to nanotech in his blood. Said info is then sent to Ben, who puts it on CatCo, the Daily Planet, the Gotham Gazette and other news outlets. Meanwhile Goldenaxe disappears with other allies while being shamed for not honoring her word. Bones and Mokkari try unsuccessfully to escape Supergirl. They didn't realize that you don't mess with Kara Zor-El. The Danvers family, including Kara have dinner with Ben Rubel in the aftermath of the D.E.O. Story coming to light. Ben feels like he is a part of something that's been missing from his life. Yet, he must do something else before the day is over. He helps Supergirl record a message for the people of National City. She understands she isn't perfect. Nobody is. She lost the public's trust. However, she plan to regain it because she believes in them and the entire population of Earth. Together they can move mountains and maybe one day work together to bring peace to the planet.

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Supergirl #21
Cover date: October 2018
"The Killers of Krypton" - Part One
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Sean Parsons
[Read "The Man of Steel" mini-series by Brian Michael Bendis as the events that this book is based on is a direct result of the events in those issues.] After a one page visual retelling of Kara Zor-El's journey to Earth from Krypton, Supergirl is reminiscing at the now destroyed Fortress of Solitude. She reflects that this was the last place that reminded her of Krypton. She thinks about the bottle city of Kandor, also destroyed by the same being, the creature known as Rogol Zaar. Superman catches up to Kara in Smallville, Kansas. Kara explains that she has to leave Earth to find the truth. She explains to him, that while he grew up on Earth, she grew up on Krypton, and if Rogol Zaar had anything to do with the death of her friends and family, she has to know the truth. After retrieving Zaar's weapon, she takes it to Hal Jordan so his ring can scan it in the hopes of a clue to where she should start looking for answers. While Hal tries to tell Kara to not get her hopes up, the ring responds with basically an "access denied" response. Forty-two star systems away an alien is monitoring a bunch of different screens when one alerts that an attempted search of Rogol Zaar's weapon has just taken place. This upsets the alien and it runs off saying this is bad, very, very bad. Kara decides that the Lanterns know something and are hiding it, so she decides her first stop on her intergalactic mission should be the Lantern planet Mogo. As she heads to her ship, she runs into Krypto and decides she wants some company, so the two of them take off together towards the planet Mogo. The alien is mumbling about The Circle and if it becomes exposed. It eventually tells its findings to a shadowy figure who says, "She will never know the whole truth and if she gets too close, what's one more dead Kryptonian."

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Supergirl #22
Cover date: November 2018
"The Killers of Krypton" - Part Two
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Sean Parsons
After a brief recap of the previous issue, Supergirl continues her search to learn more about Rogol Zaar and his role in the destruction of her home planet Krypton. With Krypto by her side they are en route to Mogo when her ship starts spiraling out of control. It seems Rogol Zaar's axe somehow managed to deactivate the central engine core of her ship, causing the ship to explode right outside of Mogo's atmosphere. Too far to make it to Mogo before the air runs out for both Kara and Krypto, they are relieved when John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and BD'G come to their rescue. She is granted access to one area that houses a lot of information but is not granted access to the area which she seeks until clearance is given, paperwork filled out, by the same alien species that panicked in the last issue, accept this one was a different color. Kara decides it's best to sneak out at night and break into the restricted area to seek the information she desires when she is caught by another Lantern inside. Rogol Zaar's weapon once again comes to life. This time shaping itself into a giant Axe and swings itself towards the Lantern. With all her strength Kara stops the axe from impacting the Lantern's skull. More Lanterns show up and are puzzled by Kara's actions and demand her to drop the weapon and surrender. She calls Krypto for help when the Axe starts to unleash a bright light and transports her away from Mogo to an unknown location where she sees an image of a Guardian called Appa Ali Apsa and informs her that he is no longer alive and this is his last Will and Testament. He was part of a Cabal that unleashed Rogol Zaar and that it is their hands that are soaked in the blood of billions. "The group known as the Circle will now pay for their crimes with the help of you Supergirl."

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Supergirl #23
Cover date: December 2018
"The Killers of Krypton" - Part Three
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Penciller: Kevin Maguire
Inker: Sean Parsons & Wade Von Grawbadger
Supergirl questions the holographic Guardian, who calls himself Appa Ali Apsa, if he had anything to do with the destruction of her home planet Krypton. He tells her the weapon she is carrying (it belongs to Rogol Zaar) has spilled much blood. He hands her a stone and says his confessions of the past can be found in these stones which are scattered throughout the universe. "Find the other stones and find your truth," he says before dissipating. When the Guardian disappears she finds herself back on Mogo and surrounded by many of the Lantern Corps. They are none to pleased with her breaking into the archives and then attacking them. They ask her to surrender but she makes a run for it, dropping the recently acquired stone. B'DG has the stone and Krypto chases after the squirrel-like Lantern. Jon and Kyle capture Kara, but she makes her escape under the construct. The planet Mogo helps facilitate Kara's escape back to her ship where she finds Krypto holding the stone in his jaw. As she is taking off the panicked little alien from issue #21 tells a being named Gandelo that no files were breached and a tracking device has been placed on her ship. Gandelo replies, "Unlike other members in this circle, I will destroy anyone who dares undo our progress, bring me the spy. He will destroy her."

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