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Young Justice

Young Justice: Invasion

Season 2

Many thanks to Isaac Frisbie for writing up each summary for this season's "Young Justice" Episode Guide.

Episode Guide

This guide does not list airdates for repeat showings.


  1. Happy New Year! - Summary
  2. Earthlings - Summary
  3. Alienated - Summary
  4. Salvage - Summary
  5. Beneath - Summary
  6. Bloodlines - Summary
  7. Depths - Summary
  8. Satisfaction - Summary
  9. Darkest - Summary
  10. Before The Dawn - Summary
  11. Cornered - Summary
  12. True Colors - Summary
  13. Fix - Summary
  14. Runaways - Summary
  15. War - Summary
  16. Complications - Summary
  17. The Hunt - Summary
  18. Intervention - Summary
  19. Summit - Summary
  20. Endgame - Summary


"Happy New Year!"

(Five years in the future from when the last season ended) In the sewers, Superboy, Robin, Miss Martian take down Clayface together. Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Bumblebee arrive late. Robin contacts Nightwing (the former Robin) to tell him of their mission success.

Back at Mount Justice, the team meets back up. Captain Atom contacts the team on their view-screen and informs them that the UN building is under attack. Mal informs Robin that Beta squad is nearby and they are dispatched.

At the UN building Lobo is taking out guards and police to get to Secretary General Tseng. Wonder Girl and Batgirl try saving the General and fight Lobo but neither works. Wonder Girl's punches have little to no effect on Lobo and Lobo rips the General in half to reveal a smaller alien (a Krolotean). He takes the Krolotean and rides off on his bike.

G. Gordon Godfrey appears on television showing his distrust of aliens in general while showing footage of the UN attack. Cat Grant attempts to get information from the Justice League but is turned away and she is told the Justice League would be releasing a statement in due time.

At the JLA Watchtower, the team is introduced to Adam Strange, who informs them that the Zeta Beam technology used on their very own transport systems has been stolen by the Kroloteans. And he was transported to Rann while working on the transport tubes and found out they had some of their technology stolen as well. They also find out that six members of the JLA are wanted criminals due to their sixteen missing minutes. The League decides to raid all of the Krolotean bases on Earth. They send various team members to different Krolotean facilities, including the one on Rann.

Robin's group, which includes Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle infiltrate one of the bases that was previously deemed less important. They discover the human doppelgängers being held hostage and the Blue Beetle (unknown to him and the team) understood the Krolotean's language and they said the place was set to self destruct. The team is able to get the human hostages out and they come out greeted by the rest of the team members and the Justice League, and are congratulated by Nightwing.

The episode ends with the Zeta Team (Superboy, Miss Martian, Adam Strange, and Beast Boy) on Rann.

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Superboy, Beast Boy, M'Gann, and Alanna are running in a jungle as someone chases after them. Superboy and Alanna are separated from the rest and are confronted by a Krolotean in a mechanical suit. They are hanging on a ledge saying the mission did not go according to plan.

(One day earlier) Beast Boy is loving the new planet he's on (Rann) and the Zeta team is introduced to Sardath and Alanna. Miss Manhunter allows everyone to communicate via telepathy. Adam Strange tries to get info out of Sardath about the wanted status of the Justice League and Sardath has no info because of how xenophobic Rannians are and so information sharing does not happen. Sardath was able to figure out that the six Justice League members were involved in an incident on Rimbor, not much else is known. They find out they need to use a Zeta Shield as a barrier to keep Kroloteans out and keep the ones in that are already here. The team goes into the jungle to investigate the location of the Zeta Beam. On a train Adam Strange has to distract some officials that would have found them and he has them chase after him while they track down the Zeta Beam.

The team tracks down the Zeta Beam and the Krolotean base. They plant a bunch of explosives and use the confusion to break in but are chased by Kroloteans in the mechanical suits. We are then taken back to wear the episode began. Alanna asks about Superboy and Miss Martian and he briefly describes their relationship and that they had to break up.

Beast Boy is reminded of his home and his mother's death and is caught up in emotion. He is brought back to reality by M'Gann. They are both captured by the Kroloteans and are taken to Krolotea. Superboy senses the telepathic link is gone and he and Alanna go after them. They save Beast Boy and Miss Martian and she is able to probe the mind of one of the Kroloteans. The episode ends with M'Gann telling them she knows what the Justice League did.

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Blue Beetle and Bumblebee go into Bibbo's Diner and chase after him into an alleyway. The real Bibbo appears and punches the fake robot Bibbo. A Krolotean escapes and runs into the sewers. Manta rescues him and they take off.

The Justice League meets with the Zeta team, which tells them of their ordeal on Rann with the Kroloteans. They inform them that the Kroloteans paid a Rann official to give them access to the planet, which was how they invaded Rann. Miss Martian also informs the team that during the missing sixteen hours the six JL members were sent by Vandal Savage to Rimbor to trash the planet and to tell them to beware the Justice League. The Kroloteans heard about the attack and went after Earth themselves.

Catherine Cobert is giving a group of people a tour of the Hall of Justice when people on the tour start questioning the motives of the Justice League, echoing sentiments of Godfrey (the anti superhero dude). In an interrogation room, Miss Martian psychically probes the Krolotean. Superboy hates that she is torturing beings with her power. She discovers a rendezvous point for the Kroloteans. The team goes there and a fight ensues. Aqualad is leading the fight against Young Justice. We find out that he was angry after Aquagirl died and he found out Black Manta was his father. Kaldur escapes and the island is destroyed where the fighting took place. He reports back to Black Manta who reports to the Light.

The six league members who attacked Rimbor head back to the planet to make amends.

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A bank robber is caught by a disheveled looking clone Red Arrow. He pockets a little bit of the stolen money. Green Arrow is spying on him from above and notices the pocketed cash.

In Taos, Adam Strange is coordinating the Zeta Shield system with the Justice League. Superboy points out that there are other means by which people can enter the planet. Superboy grabs Robin and they leave the base. Clone Roy is confronted by Green Arrow, Nightwing, Wally, Black Canary, and Jim Harper. He is looking for the real Roy Harper.

Superboy and Blue Beetle are on Sphere trying to find out where the bomb came from that was used to destroy the Island where they fought Aqualad. He has a lead with Intergang, a criminal organization. They spy on two people with a briefcase. As they open it up, Superboy and Blue Beetle go after them. The case emits a ray that activates these beings encased in cages. The four beings merge to form a giant being that then goes after the two heroes. It can heal itself as well. Blue Beetle attacks it with a beam of sonic energy that is re-directed back at them and knocks them out. The two bad guys take off on the super golem that has sprouted wings.

Back with clone Roy, Jim Harper tells him and the audience that he is also a clone and he's trying to figure out who Jim Harper is. He also tells clone Roy that they gave up on the real Speedy because the Light didn't keep him alive. It was Cadmus policy to delete the source material.

In Arlington the Golem drops off A'Daire and Bruno Mannheim (the two bad guys). Bruno reveals that the device he has (which is Apokoliptian in nature) is controlling the Golem and he will use it to expand Intergang's reach. Superboy appears with Blue Beetle, Sphere and Wolf. Sphere shorts out the controlling device, causing the Golem to attack everyone in sight. He knocks out both villains and all the heroes and heads for a nuclear reactor nearby. Two shadowed beings watch on to decide whether they should intervene or let the Golem go to the reactor. One of the people is revealed to be Sportsmaster.

Superboy and Blue Beetle go after the Golem to prevent it from reaching the nuclear reactor with no success.

Clone Roy Harper leaves the intervention happening on his behalf, not convinced that he should go on the path they want him to.

The Golem is destroyed by the shadowed being while it is trying to communicate its pain to Blue Beetle. The shadowed being explains to Sportsmaster he had to destroy it so it couldn't be used by the good guys.

Back with Wally and Artemis, it is revealed they live together and are both living normal lives and going to college. He expresses his sadness over clone Roy and how he won't let anyone in.

Back in clone Roy's apartment he is confronted by Cheshire who is revealed to still be married to him and she reveals his daughter to him. She left him because of his obsession. She wants him to be a father and get his act together and has found a lead for him.

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Tye Longshadow calls his friend, Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) to tell him he's running away from home. Jaime arrives and Tye has been kidnapped.

In Qurac, Miss Martian, Bumblebee, Wonder Girl, and Batgirl investigate tech from Apokolips that somehow involved Queen Bee. Because Psimon is still a vegetable from his last encounter with M'Gann, Nightwing sends the team to investigate Queen Bee, sending an all female squad because she can only control males. Batgirl goads Nightwing by asking him why an all male squad wouldn't need an explanation, to which he avoids the question. Batgirl and the rest of the team share a laugh at that and she states Queen Bee isn't the only one that can play with mens' minds.

Back with Jaime, he goes to talk to Tye's mom and confronts her abusive boyfriend who is trying to be a jerk. He works for the school and threatens Jaime for ditching, to which Jaime responds he's on his free period. The scarab keeps wanting to attack Maurice, Jaime restrains the suit, though.

Alpha squad finds a location in Bialya that is heavy with security. They tell Wonder Girl to stay behind because they need stealth right now and she isn't very stealthy. Wonder Girl spots four villains exiting a truck. Psimon, Icicle Jr., Mammoth, and Shimmer. Because she can't warn them telepathically because of Psimon she goes to warn Miss Martian. Miss Martian sends Batgirl and Wonder Girl for Bumblebee. Batgirl is incapacitated and loaded into a stasis chamber along with a number of other youths, including Tye.

Jaime visits Tye's grandfather and he believes he is on a spirit journey. Jaime confronts Maurice because he believes that he is responsible based on his abusive behavior. He believes that Maurice could become the tribe's chief if Tye (who will become chief) is taken out of the picture. Maurice laughs because he would only do something if it paid him money.

Wonder Girl has been caught by Devastation and because of this the team has been forced into action. Psimon informs his team that they should physically pummel Miss Martian while he distracts her in a mental battle. Bumblebee gets to him first, though, breaking his concentration. The team tries escaping with a plane full of runaway youth that Queen Bee was transporting to an unknown benefactor. As the team escapes Mammoth throws a fork lift at the plane, destroying both wings as a result of the throw. The plane is saved by the team by use of the Bioship. A second group of youths not on the plane is revealed, among them Tye.

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Nightwing is examining Krolotean documents when Robin and Beast Boy appear. The only word he can't decipher is one that translates into something like "meta gene". Bart Allen (Impulse) appears in front of the three of them from within a machine. Alarms go off and all three try to catch him. Only Nightwing is successful. But Bart only stays in restraints long enough for the main door to be opened by Mal Duncan and he escapes. Robin is tracking him via nano trackers that he placed in some water he gave Impulse to drink.

Red Arrow and Cheshire, along with their child Lian, infiltrate a temple in Tibet. They take out all the guards and find the original Roy Harper, with his right arm amputated.

Bart heads to Barry Allen's house where the Garrick's are celebrating their 70th anniversary. Bart spoils a number of future events for the entire family and reveals that he is Barry Allen's grandson. While he is there, Iris gets a phone call about someone named Neutron tearing up downtown central city. Barry, Wally and Bart all fight Neutron (who is being controlled remotely by the Kroloteans). His suit goes critical and the remote device is destroyed, so they leave. Neutron is unaware of what is going on. He is continually exploding since he has no suit to contain his nuclear powers. Bart is able to slip in (unbeknownst to the other two Flashes) and plants a blue pellet near him. His body absorbs the pellet and he turns to a human form, no longer being radioactive.

Bart attempts to return to the future, but his time machine has broken down and he doesn't know how to fix it.

Forty years in the future, Bart is getting ready to go back in time in a time machine future Neutron (with some restraining collar on) sends him back in. He gives him the pellet to give to his past self so that the rubble they currently are in (at Mount Justice, which has been obliterated) is restored to a fully functioning Mount Justice. It's clear the world itself is in shambles because Neutron tells him it might be a one way trip, to which Bart replies that it's better than the future that he currently lives in. After he travels back, Neutron's collar vanishes, but the pile of rubble that once was Mount Justice is still decimated. Neutron realizes that Bart's going back in time had little effect.

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Godfrey is ripping the Justice League again on television. Artemis is being called to action by Nightwing and Wally is not happy. Flash forward, Nightwing is performing CPR on Artemis and she is dead.

Going back to the present, Superboy and Mal are reviewing the status of Impulse and the real Roy Harper. Meanwhile, M'Gann and Lagoon boy enter, flirting heavily, upsetting Superboy. Artemis shows up and they review their mission. Covert op to save a launch from Cape Canaveral for a rocket that is taking a satellite into orbit that will facilitate communication between Earth and Mars. At Cape Canaveral, Godfrey grills Carol Ferris about the launch and whether it's the best thing to do considering Earth is being invaded. Miss Martian is disguised as Martian Manhunter and she addresses the press as him telling them how it is important to establish communication with Mars during this fragile time. She (as Martian Manhunter) flies off with Superman (who is being impersonated by Superboy). He complains about having to be levitated for this illusion and she reminds him that they must maintain the illusion that the Justice League is not short handed.

In the Atlantic Ocean, Lagoon Boy is complaining about M'gann being gone with Superboy, as underwater ships plant explosives.

Artemis expresses Wally's fears of her getting a rush and getting back into the business, which she admits is true.

On the Bioship Superboy and Miss Martian exchange heated words about their breakup. Superboy tells her that the way she rips information out of people's minds and leaving them in a catatonic state is wrong. She contends they are the bad guys. He reminds her that the line was really crossed when she tried to erase his being upset with her. She apologizes. She also explains that Lagoon Boy is not a rebound boyfriend.

Meanwhile Lagoon Boy has decided to attack the bad guys planting the explosives, leaving the rest of the team scrambling to change the plan. Superboy flies the Bioship while M'Gann changes her form to a mermaid where she can breath in the water. Lagoon Boy is taken out by Kaldur, who is dressed in a Black Manta outfit.

The rocket is planning to launch and Kaldur and his henchman are going to prevent the launch in an all out ground attack while launching all their missiles. M'Gann diverts a missile to its ship of origin but is knocked out in the process. Kaldur knocks Nightwing out of the way and he stabs Artemis. Nightwing is unsuccessful in reviving her or keeping her alive.

Kaldur is congratulated by his father, Black Manta. He tells him he planted an altitude sensitive bomb on the rocket to ensure the mission wasn't a failure and Kaldur not taking credit and not lying showed him he is ready to be taken to the next level of his training.

Back at Mount Justice the team is mourning.

Nightwing meets with Artemis, Wally and Kaldur. They had the whole scheme planned from the beginning to infiltrate Black Manta's group to determine who the hidden partner is. They are keeping it all secret and keeping Artemis' death a secret to maintain the illusion and continue their secret mission.

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Oliver Queen and the clone Roy are at the hospital with the original Roy. Original Roy explains the last thing he remembers was being captured by LexCorp (it is established that along with the 5 year leap between seasons he was captured three years prior, making a total absence of 8 years). Original Roy's arm was used to have enough DNA to make enough replicates until they perfected the cloning process. Clone Roy was the perfection of that process. He was aged rapidly and given all of original Roy's memories. Original Roy expresses extreme anger at Ollie for giving up the search for him. Ollie tries explaining that once the clone showed up he assumed it was the original and just didn't question it.

Clone Roy and Ollie talk in a nearby chapel. Roy explains that original Roy is not truly angry and that he should try to make amends. They go back to Original Roy's room to discover he has left.

At Mount Justice, Mal Duncan is telling Nightwing and Superboy that Aquaman is looking for Lagoon Boy and then expresses his desire to have Aqualad dead for "murdering" Artemis.

While paying tribute to Artemis, Jaime and Bart are discussing how they should be honoring their dead. Bart complains that he has no mentor like everyone else does.

Artemis' mother and Wally West come to her gravesite to pay their respects. At that same moment, Cheshire and Sportsmaster come to do the same thing at a different location.

Original Roy has found an old secret hideout and has gathered a bunch of weapons. Before clone Roy and Ollie can get to him, he transports away and blows up the transport. They find out that he went to Metropolis and think it's likely he's looking to get revenge on Luthor. Original Roy (Speedy) is on the top of a building opposite Luthor's office and he launches a rocket toward his office.

In a somewhat random segue, Zatanna and Megan attend Raquel's bridal shower along with the other Young Justice women (Black Canary, Wonder Girl, Bumblebee, Batgirl) and they all stop Captain Cold from robbing a bank truck.

In the parking garage a fight ensues between Mercy and Speedy while Luthor watches on. He defeats Mercy by blowing up her arm with explosive cord and plans to do the same thing to Luthor. He finds himself confonted by guards with guns aimed at him. Luthor offers him a deal. He walks out to clone Roy and Ollie who have found him and Speedy states that Luthor has offered him "satisfaction". It is a new bionic arm more powerful than the one Mercy had. He tells them his new name is Arsenal.

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In a sub with Black Manta, Lagoon Boy is mad at Aqualad for his betrayal. Black Manta has Lagoon Boy brought to the Partner. Aqualad offers to do it, but his father has him inject a sedative into Lagoon Boy's bloodstream, which causes him to pass out. He is placed in a pod and taken away. Black Manta tells Aqualad that he trusts him but the Light want more.

Aqualad has a team consisting of Icicle Jr., Tommy Terror, Tuppence Terror, and Tigress. Tuppence has some doubt in Aqualad's allegiance, because the last time they met he tried arresting them. Tommy thinks the change of heart is because Aqualad found his true father. Icicle jumps in on the conversation and tells them it's because of a girl.

Jaime Reyes answers the doorbell, and Bart is there and wants to hang out. Jaime changes into his uniform and they take off.

Two Manta thugs bring Lagoon Boy's pod to the Partner. They discuss his fate. He might be able to be used for genetic research.

Blue Beetle and Impulse are showing off together with their powers. Tuppence Terror slams Blue Beetle to the ground. He and Impulse are taken down by Kaldur's team as Aqaulad watches from nearby.

Both break free and the Scarab suggests eviscerating their enemies, but Jaime decides to retreat. Impulse gets a glimpse of Kaldur. Tommy is mad at Kaldur for letting them escape with the tracking device.

Impulse and Blue Beetle arrive at the Cave. Nightwing greets them. He wants to know what happened and scolds them for bringing back the tracking device.

Aqualad has another tracking device, and explains to Tommy that it communicates with the original device and it has disabled Cave security. The flyer lands near Mount Justice.

They break in and the Sphere approaches and somehow Kaldur sends it off.

Dr. Palmer helps out Karen with some research and Mal is there but takes off.

Beast Boy is watching TV when he is knocked out by Tuppence Terror. Superboy tries fighting but Tommy plants a device on him that removes his powers and shocks him. Kaldur keeps him alive before his thugs kill him.

Impulse is disabled, too. Nightwing is disabled with a collar as well. Blue Beetle enters a stand off when Kaldur reveals a bomb. Blue Beetle allows himself to be captured. But the Scarab takes over and starts beating up Kaldur's team. He is disabled by Kaldur who is able to open up the armor and Tigress hits his flesh with sleeping darts. Kaldur explains that they now have proof that mystic energy is one of his weaknesses. As they all fly away with Blue Beetle, Tigress is revealed to be Artemis (only to Kaldur, though) and she detonates the bomb. Mal is nearby and calls for assistance. Sphere is nearby and has saved Wolf, Nightwing and Superboy.

Nightwing and Kid Flash argue about Aqualad's allegiance. Kid Flash argues that Aqualad has gone too far and is a triple agent. Nightwing believes Kaldur had to go to great lengths to be believable.

Aqualad meets with Black Manta who introduces him to the Light who introduce him to the Partner who is not seen.

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"Before The Dawn"

Jaime wakes up from a dream that showed how he got the scarab on his back. He is inside some kind of pod device. Two aliens enter that look like the scarab in its full form. They are the Reach, and one of their goals is researching the meta gene within humans. It is dormant in many people.

Beast Boy and Impulse are in pods and being probed. The Reach hopes to duplicate - and weaponize their powers. The Scientist then bids Kaldur farewell, entering a third lab. Kaldur asks if Blue Beetle is in that lab, but the Ambassador tells him that what happens in that lab has nothing to do with Kaldur or the Light, and neither does Blue Beetle - he is of the Reach. The Ambassador then asks about more test subjects; Kaldur assures him they are on the way.

At a loading dock, Barbara, Tim and Bumblebee observe from atop a stack of cargo containers as Tigress and a squad of Manta Troopers prepare to put a group of teenagers, held in a wire mesh pen, into containment pods. Barbara and Tim quietly jump into the pen. They assure the confused captives they are there to help, but one girl is uncertain they can be trusted, until she sees Bumblebee fly into Tim's jacket. The captives are put into the pods. The Manta-Flyer then surfaces at dockside, and Tigress orders that the pods be loaded aboard.

Later, as the Manta-Flyer moves under water, it is followed by the camouflaged Bio-Ship. Aboard the Bio-Ship, Nightwing is pleased that they are leading them to Lagoon Boy and the others. Wonder Girl asks how he could know that; he responds that it is wishful thinking. She also wonders how he knew about the abductees shipment; he claims Aquaman found the intel while searching for Lagoon Boy.

Jaime wakes up in his containment pod. The Scientist is in front of him speaking to the armored alien. Scarab begins translating as the Scientist expresses her disappointment in the "human beetle," wondering how he can be the Reach's advanced operative on Earth if the Scarab will not function on mode. The other alien recommends rebooting it. The Scientist reluctantly agrees it may be necessary, though it will mean finding a new host. Killing Jaime to remove the Scarab does not concern the other; meat is plentiful on Earth.

The Manta-Flyer docks with the Reach ship, as the crew of the Bio-Ship look on. Nightwing notes the ship has a similar design to the bombs used on Malina Island and Mount Justice. It reminds Wonder Girl of Blue Beetle's armor. Nightwing sends in Miss Martian, who enters the water and shifts into the ship. She telepathically contacts Alpha Squad; Barbara reports that they are in the docking bay and have sighted the aliens and Aqualad. Miss Martian finds Beast Boy and Impulse unconscious in their pods in the second lab. Barbara then reports Alpha is in the first lab. Nightwing orders Alpha and M'gann to move now. M'gann frees Gar and Bart from their pods, setting off an alarm. They wake up, and Impulse runs off to find Blue Beetle.

In the docking bay, a Manta Trooper knocks out Tigress and the other Manta Troopers. Superboy removes his helmet and reports the bay is secure, as Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy and the abducted teens arrive. Nightwing docks the Bio-Ship, and Wonder Girl orders everyone aboard. Tim and Barbara take out the Reach guards who have followed them.

In the ship's corridors, Miss Martian and Beast Boy come across Kaldur. M'gann attacks Kaldur telepathically, and he screams and falls to his knees.

In the docking bay, Superboy realizes the link is down and goes to find M'gann and Gar, but is thrown back by the armored alien, who seals the bay, locking himself in with Barbara, Tim, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Bumblebee, Shimmer and one of the abductees. Wonder Girl warns "Black Beetle" that he is outnumbered, but he laughs at the threat and extends his armor.

Impulse runs through the ship until he finds the third lab. He knocks down the Scientist and frees Jaime.

As M'gann continues her mental assault on Kaldur, she sees many of his memories, enough to see he was acting as a double agent and had faked Artemis's death. She falls to her knees in despair, and does not respond to Gar. Tigress arrives and is shocked to see Kaldur catatonic. M'gann links with her telepathically and explains she thought he had killed her, that he deserved it. Beast Boy shifts into a tiger and attacks Tigress. She throws a smoke bomb; when the air clears she and Kaldur are gone.

In the docking bay, the heroes unsuccessfully battle Black Beetle. He easily dismisses assaults from Lagoon Boy, Superboy and Wonder Girl. He takes out Bumblebee with a sonic blast. Tim and Barbara attack with explosive batarangs to no effect. Black Beetle electrocutes Lagoon Boy when he attacks, then shoots staples when Tim and Barbara try to taser him. One of them hits Tim, and he is pinned to the wall. The abductee tries to attack with a Manta Trooper's gun, but is taken down by Shimmer, who then fights Barbara. Wonder Girl and Superboy take on Black Beetle again.

Impulse finishes explaining to Jaime how he will betray humanity and help bring about a Reach apocalypse in the future. Jaime refuses to believe it, but Bart knows it happened; he came back to stop it.

Gar, in gorilla form, and M'gann reach the sealed docking bay doors. M'gann restores the psychic link. Nightwing is cut off on the Bio-Ship. Wonder Girl reports on the events in the docking bay; Superboy gets knocked out, leaving only Batgirl and herself. Gar encourages M'gann to go in, but she is confused. Gar has to remind her to density shift. She does, but halfway through Black Beetle alters the door's density, knocking M'gann out. He then pounds Wonder Girl against the door until she is unconscious, and rounds on Batgirl just as she defeats Shimmer.

Blue Beetle opens the bay door, then the door to the Bio-Ship. Since he is still dazed, Jaime gives the Scarab full control of the armor to battle Black Beetle, and attacks. Barbara meets Nightwing at the Bio-Ship entry port, hands him Bumblebee and tells him to be ready to fly the Bio-Ship out once she, Beast Boy and Impulse have the others on board.

Black Beetle dominates his battle with Blue. Jaime takes control again, jetting Black Beetle into the ceiling, but Black Beetle soon regains the upper hand. Shimmer awakens and accidentally vaporizes a piece of the ship's hull she was touching, flooding the bay. Gar brings Tim aboard the Bio-Ship as it begins to flood - only Blue Beetle is absent. Impulse tries to go after him but is knocked out by an influx of water. Batgirl orders the hatch sealed. The Bio-Ship detaches from the Reach vessel.

The Beetles battle with scythe arms inconclusively, then form giant energy cannons. The beams meet and build up to a blast that knocks Blue out of the hole in the hull. Black Beetle rescues Shimmer and seals the breach. The Reach ship opens fire. Lagoon Boy enters the water to pick up Blue, and they are collected by the Bio-Ship, which then flees the scene. Blue Beetle wakes up to see Impulse looking down at him. He urgently tells Bart he is still him; Bart is not surprised. Nightwing congratulates his team on a job well done. He offers Miss Martian the helm, but she does not respond. Beast Boy says she is basking in her victory, and explains her confrontation with Aqualad. Nightwing briefs Captain Atom about their successful mission, stating that the Reach has moved their ship elsewhere. But at least the world can be told about their secret invasion. Aquaman switches on a GBS news broadcast, showing a Reach ship hovering at the United Nations building in New York City. On a stage outside, UN Secretary Tseng is shown shaking hands with the Reach Ambassador. In a seeming about-face his xenophobic mien, G. Gordon Godfrey voices his approval of the Reach, saying that knocking on Earth's front door is the right thing for aliens to do. Aquaman turns off the transmission as Nightwing wryly comments that the Reach have preempted their warning to the public. In consolation, the heroes know exactly where the Reach are, and what they are up against. Unbeknownst to all, dozens of Reach spacecraft have gathered deep at the bottom of the Mariana Trench...

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L-Ron is showing Despero Earth's superheroes and their weaknesses. He shows him Superman but then says he's under the protection of the Green Lantern Corps. He then shows him Captain Marvel, and Despero looks pleased with this choice.

Captain Atom is with Tseng Dangun and a Reach Ambassador as they attend a UN meeting discussing the Reach coming to Earth. Captain Atom is concerned. On television G. Gordon Godfrey is criticizing the League for being too secretive.

All the people the Reach have abducted are sitting in a meeting room at STAR Labs. Black Canary is speaking to Virgil Hawkins, who Blue Beetle knows but can't speak to because he doesn't know who Jaime really is. Virgil is playing with some paperclips and Canary notices that he has magnetized them.

Nightwing introduces Superboy, Miss Martian, Mal and Wolf to their new accomodations inside a warehouse. Mal thinks ill of it but Nightwing explains that it is temporary and a place for them to stay at since Mount Justice is gone.

Captain Marvel, Zatanna and Bumblebee are with Superboy, Miss Martian and Mal inside the Hall of Justice. They hear a noise and go to investigate. L-Ron tells Marvel and Zatanna they are his prisoners. They think it's a joke. He creates a forcefield around the Hall of Justice and Despero appears and goes on the offensive. He uses his third eye to silence Zatanna.

Despero goes on a rampage, looking to be challenged by Earth's mightiest heroes, but each one he comes up against fails to impress him. Mal puts on Guardian's uniform and diverts Despero's attention long enough for M'gann to save her friends, as she herself is reluctant to attack Despero mentally after what she did to Aqualad.

M'gann is able to revive Mal and Zatanna and Superboy punches out Despero. They are all able to break free of his third eye binding them. Despero's destruction has left the Hall of Justice as a pile of rubble. Captain Atom is unable to breach the forcefield. However the Reach Ambassador uses his technology to disable the forcefield and take Despero away. The Ambassador lets slip that the League have a satellite Watchtower in space, infuriating the UN delegate, and making the heroes took untrustworthy to the public and especially Godfrey.

Nightwing discusses with Canary, Captain Atom and Mal what they now know about the metagene. The Reach are trying to weaponize the metagene through their experimentation with humans who have it. Blue Beetle then bursts in and confesses to the group, despite the protests from Impulse and the scarab intelligence, that he will likely bring about the apocalypse of Earth and he wants help getting the scarab off his back.

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"True Colors"

The Atom and Bumblebee (not the Transformer FYI) are microscopic sized and inside Jaime's body trying to remove the scarab surgically. The scarab releases antibodies to fend them off and they are overwhelmed and have to transport out. Atom explains that short of death the scarab will always be with him.

G. Gordon Godfrey is praising the Reach for being "open" while condemning all the heroes for having a previously unknown Watchtower. He shows a food production facility that the Reach are promoting to feed the entire world. They are also working with LexCorp on this project.

Nightwing is watching the show and has Robin go to check it out with Blue Beetle, Impulse and Arsenal. They then travel to Smallville where there is a LexCorp farm nearby. They are given a tour that shows them a massive indoor facility. Arsenal has set off a bomb (which angers Robin) and it destroys a part of the facility. This triggers a Reach bodyguard. All their fighting is futile. He heals instantly.

In the Atlantic Ocean Aqualad is in a comatose state and his father has brought Psimon to heal his mind from what Miss Martian did to him.

Sportsmaster appears before the Light to demand recompense for his daughter's death at the hands of Aqualad. They have hired Deathstroke to take him out. He escapes with Cheshire and is now basically on his own.

Back at the farming facility the battle continues. The four heroes are able to briefly escape the facility but they are quickly cut off by the bodyguard. During their fight in a cornfield, a green being that has his own scarab appears and starts to fight the bodyguard. He reveals himself to be B'ars O'oom (if you catch that reference kudos to you). He reveals that the Reach's ultimate goal is to invade all planets. They send a scarab to each planet to take over a being from each planet to have a recon unit. In the case of Mars, it could not control their unique physiology. In the case of Jaime it malfunctioned so it could not act as a recon unit.

Robin gives Nightwing a sample of the item the Reach were using in all the crops. B'ars telepathically tells Jaime that there is another way to remove the scarab.

At a production facility, Lex reveals that he knew that the young heroes took the sample and that he wants to form a team of his own. He shows a picture of the captured youth.

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Tigress (Artemis) is lamenting that she is starting to forget what she has started by going covert. She is summoned to Kaldur where Psimon is about to perform mental therapy. Artemis fears that he will discover their secret. Manta believes that Miss Martian is responsible for his son's condition.

Meanwhile Miss Martian is probing Green Beetle's identity to confirm that he is a friend. He volunteers his thoughts to avoid her destroying his mind. She confirms his identity.

Psimon meanwhile is starting to probe Kaldur when Artemis shoots a sleeping dart into him and he starts to attack her but falls asleep. Manta sees the exchange but when he comes in, Artemis (as Tigress) explains that his mind may have been infected by Miss Martian. She volunteers to go and get her. Manta agrees and assigns her to go with Deathstroke.

A commercial airs for the juice that Lexcorp is making with the Reach. Green Beetle explains to the young heroes that the juice has chemicals in it that will, over time, make the entire population entirely sedated, and thus unable to resist Earth's takeover. He also explains that the juice contains a mitochondrial marker for those with the metagene, making it easier to find those that have powers.

Lagoon Boy asks M'Gann to talk and he confronts her about her and Connor. Deathstroke and Artemis fight the two. Artemis tells M'Gann telepathically to go along with the kidnapping convincingly to save Aqualad. The two heroes are subdued.

Blue Beetle is talking with Green Beetle (in human form) that he may me able to meld with Jaime and control the scarab the same way he has his own scarab.

Manta commands M'Gann to restore Kaldur's memories and mind. If she tries anything funny Deathstroke is beyond psychic range and will detonate a bomb in her collar. Artemis enters the void of Kaldur's mind to help fix him.

Lagoon Boy is in the hospital and angry with Superboy for not fighting hard enough. Nightwing is there and confides the truth about the deep cover mission. Superboy (outside the room) explains that Nightwing's secrets have destroyed the team. M'Gann truly thought Kaldur had killed Artemis and so she fried his brain. And now Artemis and M'Gann might both get killed if Kaldur's mind is not restored.

In Kaldur's mind, the two heroines fight off their own mental battles within his mind. Artemis is fighting with mental projections within Kaldur's mind while Miss Martian is being beat up. They are able to overcome momentarily to get through to Kaldur. They snap out of his mind to find out that Manta is standing there and they have been lost in Aqualad's mind for six hours. Artemis is able to pass it off as just being lost in thought (not admitting where she was). Miss Manhunter tells Manta that it will take days and possibly weeks to fully restore his mind. As a sign of progress, Kaldur calls Manta "father". Manta allows them more time provided he sees progress. Manta tells Artemis (Tigress) that after M'Gann is done they will kill her.

Blue Beetle is talking to Impulse and tells him that he is completely free of the scarab's influence.

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At STAR Labs they are performing experiments on the stolen youth. Virgil Hawkins is using his electric abilities to levitate a can. He leaves in frustration and they walk past Eduardo Dorado's office to hear him fighting with his son. His son is being tested also and is tired of having experiments performed on him. All the kids express frustration that they can't stand the experiments, and Virgil tells them they are busting out that night. Burton Thompson argues that they can't leave and he activates an alarm, forcing the facility into lockdown. Guards come to gather them and they all fight with the guards using their various powers. The power is completely shut down and they are able to escape the facility.

Blue Beetle is talking with Nightwing and Blue travels to get the runaways because Nightwing has convinced him that STAR Labs is the safest place for them to be until the team deals with the Reach.

At a bus station the runaways are set upon by Dr. Wilcox and his team. Tye creates a large being of energy that throws the roof at Dr. Wilcox and his team of guards. Blue Beetle shows up and gets attacked by Tye. Beetle confronts them and reveals himself to Tye. Blue Beetle suggests they go to Green Beetle instead if they don't want to go back to STAR Labs.

Meanwhile, Red Volcano breaks into STAR Labs looking for Amazo.

Nightwing tells Blue Beetle to suit up and go after Red Volcano because he believes he is trying to incorporate his power duplication technology into his own. The runaways decide to follow Blue Beetle. Tye is able to free Blue Beetle from the ground that Volcano traps him in. The runaways try to fight Volcano but are unsuccessful. Tye is able to get Volcano away from the group inside the facility. Blue Beetle fights off Volcano while the runaways rescue people inside the facility that is being destroyed in the battle. Blue Beetle destroys Volcano after a lengthy battle. A news team comes to interview him and the runaways leave. On a nearby rooftop after the events, Black Beetle appears and describes how the Green Beetle re-booted the blue scarab to control the meatbag inside. And the Blue Beetle must now control the people of Earth in the same way.

In a limo Lex tells Mercy that his plan to have Volcano invade STAR Labs worked perfectly. He then appears to the young ones and tells them he was the one that powered down STAR Labs for them. He explains that he has been duped by the Reach and he wants to help them and in turn they could perhaps help him with the Reach.

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The episode starts out with the Justice League on trial on Rimbor. Superman leads the group in voice and explains that they were not responsible for their actions because they were being controlled by Vandal Savage. The prosecutor and the entire room for that matter do not buy it. At all. Superman cannot provide an explanation as to why Vandal Savage did what he did. Martian Manhunter talks with John Stewart telepathically and John explains that the Reach tried taking over the galaxies millennia ago and it took all of the Lanterns to stop them. A treaty was signed in which they could only go to planets that they were invited to. Vandal Savage is in the crowd talking to Mongul. He explains that the Reach having access to Earth's meta population will affect who will rule the galaxy.

On Earth, Mongul shows up in his Warworld. The Reach try to hail him but their request is denied by Mongul and his Warworld.

At STAR Labs, Green Beetle explains to Captain Atom, Nightwing, and Adam Strange that the Warworld was created by an ancient race and Mongul found the key to it. It is an automated planet slightly smaller than the moon, and is controlled by a single user. Mongul was ousted from his home world as leader and is using Warworld to conquer the galaxy to regain his home world and show his superiority. He is going to use Warworld to annihilate Earth and prevent the Reach from taking over. He views it as mercy because what the Reach will do to them is far worse.

The Reach appear with a UN leader saying that they will stand by Earth in their single unarmed ship.

Mongul fires upon Earth but Dr. Fate appears and creates a giant shield that blocks the missiles. While Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, and Green Beetle attack Warworld, squads composed of Superboy, Wonder Girl, Arsenal, and Wolf (team Alpha); Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Impulse (team Beta); Bumblebee, Guardian, and Super-Cycle (team Gamma) are all invading Warworld to immobilize Mongul and take the key.

Alpha squad confronts Mongul and he mops the floor with them. Superboy is easily defeated.

Batgirl estimates that Dr. Fate's shield and the Earth's nukes will immobilize all but 23% of the incoming missiles. The Reach then reveal a large number of ships hiding in the oceans. They are launched to protect the Reach's "investment". They state that despite a huge loss for them the reward will be far greater.

Bumblebee (through the help of Guardian) figures out how to re-reroute the protective core around the key. She disables Mongul's connection to Warworld in the process and team Alpha uses that advantage to take him down and Wonder Girl ties him up using her lasso.

Blue Beetle takes the crystal key into safe keeping but then turns on all three squads once they have all arrived. Arsenal is the only one able to escape Blue Beetle and stay on the ship. Through Blue Beetle's eyes the Reach are able to see the key and state that they have acquired a very valuable piece.

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M'Gann is still "working" on Aqualad's mind. She and Artemis are figuring out a way (along with Aqualad) on how to get out because Black Manta has given her 24 hours to finish and then he will take action.

Blue Beetle is being interrogated by Nightwing as to what happened to the team and the crystal key (no one knows because he incapacitated all but one of them (and Arsenal got loose)). Blue and Green Beetle leave and give each other knowing nods (no clue what it means at this point). They part ways.

Cheshire and Sportsmaster break onto the ship where Aqualad and the others are. They take out multiple guards. Artemis leaves and Cheshire breaks into the room. An alarm is set off alerting the entire ship of the intruders. Sportsmaster and Black Manta do battle. Cheshire and M'Gann fight and disable the camera that is being used by Deathstroke to watch the room. He then sends Artemis (Tigress) back to the room to assess the situation. Aqualad reveals himself to Cheshire that he is well. He tries convincing Cheshire that Artemis is alive and on the ship. She does not believe him.

Artemis tries getting to M'Gann because she has disabled her collar. She runs into Manta and Sportsmaster fighting. Manta runs off and instructs her to finish off Sportsmaster. Black Manta is blown up trying to get into the room with Cheshire. Him and Aqualad are lying knocked out next to each other. Cheshire is about to kill Kaldur and Sportsmaster is about to kill Artemis when M'Gann regains consciousness and reveals what their plan was, to fake Artemis' death so that they could infiltrate the Light and the Reach. Cheshire believes but Sportsmaster does not. M'gann resumes time and Artemis uses a block on Sportsmaster that he knows only Artemis knows because he taught it to her.

M'Gann allows Cheshire to leave to play out their act, and she proceeds to take out Black Manta (or so she says) when Aqualad tackles her and she phase shifts to another part of the ship. Manta is relieved to see Kaldur alive and well.

Cheshire and Sportsmaster fight with Artemis and Deathstroke. M'Gann intervenes so that Cheshire and Sportsmaster can escape. Deathstroke attempts to use explosives on M'Gann, but she knocks him out again, then leaves.

Manta is explaining to the Light and the Reach that Aqualad recovered because he saw his father in danger. On the news, Nightwing watches the Reach ambassador give all the credit of stopping the Warworld to Blue Beetle. Nightwing had examined the room where Blue Beetle took out most of the team. He is able to deduce that Blue Beetle is responsible and has been lying the whole time.

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"The Hunt"

The Reach has set up inside Warworld. Black Beetle complains that the Ambassador's refusal to allow an attack on the "Justice Meat" guarding the crystal key chamber has rendered the crystal key useless to the Reach. He blames Mongul for the loss of their fleet.

Arsenal (still inside Warworld) runs from the Reach. He calls to the Team for help.He throws a smoke grenade, and uses a built-in grappling hook in his artificial arm to get himself to high ground and get away.The Watchtower doesn't respond.

The abductees destroy things related to the Reach, and Lex Luthor calls to tell them of another opportunity to get to the Reach.

The Bio-Ship travels across the surface of the Warworld, evading detection due to its cloaking.Miss Martian refuses to give up looking for team members.

Deep inside the Warworld, Arsenal is attempting to hack a console to communicate with the outside world.He is discovered by two patrolling soldiers. He manages to defeat them in the ensuing fight, but his arm runs out of power. He takes one of their stingers, and escapes.

Back in Taos, Luthor gives the teens a Father Box. He informs them about the capture of the Team, and suggests they use the Father Box to take a boom tube to Warworld and locate Superboy and his teammates. They're initially reluctant to go on the rescue mission, but Virgil convinces them to go. They have the element of surprise, and they owe the Team for rescuing them. Asami takes the Father Box, and after instructions from Luthor, opens a boom tube to the Warworld. The four boom into soldiers. They retreat, with the soldiers following.

At another section of the Warworld, Arsenal finishes recharging his bionic arm from another console when he hears the sound of the misfits' running battle with the soldiers.He watches Eduardo creatively take down his pursuers with a well-placed teleport, while Virgil complements Tye's "longshadow" being laser-proof. Tye corrects him - the astral form is laser-resistant - the beams from the stingers still stung him.Asami asks the Father Box to track Superboy, and Arsenal follows them from a distance.

In Warworld, Nightwing performs another scan of the area.He blames himself for not noticing Blue Beetle's defection. Miss Martian corrects him - that was her fault, she failed to adequately probe Green Beetle's mind when she had the chance. Nightwing was unconvinced - her reluctance to probe deeply stemmed from her mental lobotomy of Aqualad, and would have been avoided if he had informed her of the plot beforehand.

Miss Martian then comforts Nightwing, telling him that everyone makes mistakes, and both of them have to get over themselves, save the team, then help Blue Beetle.Sphere appears and tells them (in its own language) that it knows where Superboy is.

Back on Earth, at the GBS studio's dressing room, the Ambassador prepares for his appearance on the G. Gordon Godfrey show. The scientist informs him of recent developments via holographic communicator, and he authorizes the use of Black Beetle to destroy the runaways and Arsenal. Still, the show must go on, and the Ambassador begins his guest appearance on G. Gordon's show.

Back on the Warworld, the runaways have finally located Superboy. The entire captured Team, Superboy included, are locked in stasis cells.Before they can do anything, Black Beetle attacks them and takes down everyone except the teleporter. Arsenal sneak-attacks Black Beetle, and seals off the room before reinforcements arrive. He tosses a laser stinger to Ed, and instructs him to keep Black Beetle off-balance so they can have half a chance.

On G. Gordon's show, pleasantries abruptly turn into recriminations as Godfrey confronts the Ambassador with his lies.He had claimed that the Reach only had a single weaponless ship, but they actually had an entire armada of warships hidden under Earth's oceans. Godfrey calls the Ambassador a bald-faced liar on national television, and demands to know what other secrets and lies the Reach is hiding.

The runaways continue to keep Black Beetle at bay, and he finally loses his cool.Meanwhile, Arsenal fumbles with the controls of a stasis cell. Losing patience, he blasts it open with a laser stinger, releasing Mongul. Black Beetle abandons his battle, and rushes off to beat Mongul up.

The Team boards the cloaked Bio-ship, but Bumblebee tarries a bit - she has something to say. Nightwing compliments the four runaways on their exploits, and tells them they may just join the Team after a debrief.Before they head back, Arsenal wants to talk about Blue Beetle's betrayal, but Bumblebee cuts him off. His opening of the airlock without warning was a move that could have killed the entire team. Arsenal brushes the accusation aside - that move allowed him to escape to liberate the Team, so Bumblebee should thank him instead.

Surprisingly, Nightwing agrees and thanks Arsenal. But he then dismisses Arsenal from the Team. The runaways protest - after all, Arsenal's guidance allowed them to survive Black Beetle and save the day. Nightwing is unmoved. This was not the first time Arsenal intentionally endangered the Team to further his own agenda or guard against his own personal demons. Until Arsenal is proven to be a team player, he has no place on the Team.

The runaways are displeased by Arsenal's dismissal, and offer Arsenal a spot on their team instead. Arsenal accepts, and the five teens take a boom tube back to Earth. Nightwing notices that Asami is using a Father Box.

The runaways, with Arsenal in tow, teleport into their hideout. Luthor congratulates them on their success, only to notice belatedly that they had brought home a souvenir. Arsenal is not happy to see Luthor's face on the laptop - this was the man responsible for his missing arm and years of refrigeration.He realizes that Luthor used the others to create a distraction so his pawn could spirit the crystal key away. Luthor admits it, but attempts to rationalize it. The five leave.

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Black Beetle is fighting with Mongul. Green Beetle appears to throw Mongul into a cage with a force field. They decide they need to guard the key chamber so whoever stole the key cannot activate the Warworld. But the Justice League is guarding the chamber so they decide to guard around that central area.

Nightwing and Impulse are watching the news when they show that Blue Beetle will receive an award for saving the world. They both decide that he must be taken down before he can destroy the world.

On Earth, Toyman is breaking into a bank when Blue Beetle appears to stop him. He turns him over to the authorities. He laps up the press being given to him by Cat Grant. He is being controlled by the Reach.

M'Gann comes to get Lagoon Boy and tells him they need to "talk".

Blue Beetle is flying when Batgirl ropes him long enough for Impulse to run up the rope and knock him to the ground. He neutralizes Batgirl and Impulse, and the scarab is commanded to kill them both. The Reach ambassador tells Jaime that the first kill is the hardest. Rocket and Zatanna appear and using cooperative technology and Zatanna's magic they create a bubble around Blue Beetle that he is unable to penetrate.

M'Gann is talking with Lagaan and explains that he was a rebound boyfriend.

Blue Beetle makes threats (via the Ambassador) when he's taken an undisclosed location. Queen Bee's minions are present (Devastation, Shimmer, and Mammoth). They dispatch the trio of heroes by using a hole created by Shimmer. They head deeper within this compound where Zatanna uses an incantation to perform an unknown spell. The Reach scientist is concerned that there are scarabs among the hieroglyphs. The ambassador refuses to believe there is a problem. Green Beetle appears and attacks the group but soon has to contend with Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Bumblebee, and the rest of the group.

Zatanna's chanting attracts the scarab to her forehead where she has summoned some type of avatar that creates a beam that removes the external influence of the Reach. Blue and Green Beetle are free from being enslaved.

Batgirl tells the story of how they found the hidden area. They found it on another mission. She took note of the blue scarab imagery. Dr. Fate translated it to reveal the ancients had created a ritual to remove the Reach's influence over the scarab. Further digging by Nightwing and Robin showed that Dan Garrett first found the scarab in modern times. He used the scarab to be the first Blue Beetle and used it for good. When he died, he left it with Ted Kord. He then locked the scarab away because he didn't want to have alien technology fused to him. He still became his own version of the Blue Beetle, but when the Light came after the scarab he killed himself. That was when Jaime came across it.

Back with Nightwing, Lagoon Boy and Miss Manhunter part ways and Nightwing informs M'Gann that Connor is out with Wendy Harris.

Queen Bee talks to her minions and tells them that they lost on purpose. It is a part of the Light's plans involving the Reach and the Justice League.

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The Light call a summit with the Reach to discuss how their plans are advancing. Accusations are thrown between the two groups and the Light explain that they have done all they were asked and now they want answers from the secretive Reach. As the tensions between the two groups begin to come to the forefront they begin to fight and Ra's al Ghul notices the glamour charm on Tigress' neck. Aqualad stops the fighting and suggests they start working together. Ra's then exposes Tigress as Artemis, leading them to Aqualad's true intentions. Deathstroke executes both her and Kaldur and explains that the Light take care of their own problems. As Aqualad lays dying in his father's arms, a hologram of Aqualad then plays which reveals to the Reach the extent of the Light's manipulations, leaving their alliance in tatters. Aqualad and Artemis suddenly rise, as 'Deathstroke' turns out to be a disguised Miss Martian, the Team and Kid Flash make their entrance, leading to an all-out battle.

Savage reveals hidden troops that descend from above to turn the battle in favor of the Light. But many of the agents are revealed to be various Young Justice team members in disguise. Soon all the youth are fighting with the two evil factions. In the midst of the chaos, the Reach ambassador and the Brain are captured, while Aqualad defeats Black Manta. Black Beetle mortally wounds Ra's al Ghul, but one of his minions is able to take Ra's away to resurrect him (pledging that he will be revived). Black Beetle declares the Ambassador unfit to command the Reach. He takes over the Reach. He escapes with the Reach Scientist, and Vandal Savage summons Klarion to elude the Team.

In the aftermath of the battle, Nightwing insists that Aqualad take over leadership of the Team, while Savage ousts the League from the War World and uses it to flee into space. On Earth, the League present the public with proof of the Reach's duplicity, and Black Beetle assumes control of the alien fleet, swearing to destroy the Earth now that it is of no further use to then. They therefore aren't breaking the treaty they signed with the Green Lantern Corps which requires them to be invited to a planet. Since their crimes have been revealed they are violating that treaty. The Black Beetle argues that if the planet doesn't exist, they won't be violating any treaty.

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The Justice League receive their sentence from the intergalactic court. Despite their innocence they are convicted of mass slaughter. As they are taken away Miss Manhunter shows up with evidence showing the confession from the Light that they were the ones behind the controlling of the Justice League.

Meanwhile on the Reach Ambassador ship Blue Beetle, Green Beetle and Aqualad go to battle with the Black Beetle. The Black Beetle removes the scarab from the Green Beetle but admits that because of his unique physiology that he would not die like other hosts. The Blue Beetle then engages Black Beetle and after a tough battle where the Black Beetle seems to be overcoming the Blue Beetle and is on the verge of destroying his scarab, Jaime and his scarab unite to defeat the Black Beetle's scarab and knock him unconscious. He reveals that the Black Beetle had set off multiple pods throughout Earth that were being guarded by blue scarab bots. The pods were meant to react to various magnetic areas of the world to destroy it.

All of the Earth's heroes are dispatched to deal with these pods. Lex Luthor has devised an anti-pod contraption rigged with a self-destruct virus. They all succeed but a final one is revealed in Taos that no one could detect.

Meanwhile the court has re-convened and reversed their decision and have released the Justice League.

The Flash and Impulse go to Taos as fast as they can but it is too late. Lex then informs them that if they run around the vortex the pod is creating they can siphon off the kinetic energy being created and destroy the final threat. As they begin to run they all realize it is not enough. Kid Flash then is able to get to them to help them out. He does. The energy of the vortex is decreasing but at a cost. Jaime's scarab reveals to him that because Wally is the slowest he is taking the brunt of the energy venting and he will soon die. Wally realizes this and tells Flash that he loves Artemis and then he dissipates.

Artemis and all the others are shocked and saddened by his death, even though he was integral in saving the world. The Justice League arrive to see the last of the battle when some of the Young Justice squad arrive informing them that the Earth has been saved but at great cost.

Artemis is seen introducing herself to Wally's parents while in tears. Various Young Justice members are invited to join the ranks in an official capacity.

The episode ends with Vandal Savage approaching Darkseid on Apokolips in greeting. The episode then ends.

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