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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 2 - Episode 9: "Darkest"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): This would have made for a much better come back episode in my humble opinion.

First, I got to see more Impulse and Blue Beetle. I love seeing their characters develop especially since Impulse seems shady.

The intrigue with the old team is getting really good. I would love to see Aqualad actually be evil. Most good guys stay good but this has been developed well enough that he could go bad. The dialogue between Kid Flash and Nightwing was amongst the best dialogue this season.

The story seems to be coming back together quite nicely. The Light is coming back into play. We are going to hopefully see the Partner soon.

The one thing I will say as a complaint about the show (but not this episode) is that I feel a general disconnect between this season and the first season. I know the characters have moved on or have different roles but I feel like they just tossed them out and have not integrated them into this season properly. At least the ones that were meant to stick around. They are in some episodes. Others aren't. They need to have a solid block of episodes air in an uninterrupted run because then it's more cohesive and makes more sense.

I liked the villain combo in this episode as well. I wish they would develop more than just the leaders of the bad guys. Maybe provide a parallel to the show's heroes. Instead they only show up sporadically.

I'm glad the show is back up and running. This show is worthy of other DC great titles and the show shows true grit with complex characters.

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