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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 2 - Episode 16: "Complications"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

4Rating - 4 (out of 5): I give this one less point because I feel they should have done this prior to the "War" episode. We had such a high from that previous episode and this one kind of slowed things down. Things are starting to really boil in the plot, they introduce Mongul and the Warworld, and we are going back to Aqualad? I know we have to tie up loose ends but it would have been better to have this before, really right after the episode where M'Gann restored Aqualad's mind. The part at the end could have been at the end of "War" or something like that.

Aside from this, I feel like this was a solid episode. It ties up the "M'Gann is going to die somehow" storyline. It reconciles her relationship (in some warped way) with Cheshire and Sportsmaster.

M'Gann has really come into her own in this show. She is a virtual Charles Xavier, except more attractive. Well, in her common form. Ok, it's a cartoon character. I feel no shame admitting my crush on her.

I would have liked to have seen Deathstroke fight a bit more. He seemed content to kick his feet up and sip his coffee while he ordered Tigress (Artemis) around. Has he gone lazy? Soft? Have all the deaths finally gotten to him and the sight of blood disgusts him now?

I really would have loved to see Nightwing do some more detective work. The world's greatest detective trained him. All we really saw was a few scans of the battle and then him breaking a batarang (Robin's version). But what we did see was still cool. I look forward to what will be the fate of the Beetle that is blue.

All of this seems so futile, though, because the show has not been renewed. It's gone. Back to the drawing boards for DC. I don't know who's fault this is, nor do I care. I'm guessing it's a lot of legal crap that my mind will never understand. But I understand this, DC is losing the one thing it has over Marvel... A solid animated series. A good example that this makes me think of is the Flash TV series in the 90s. It lasted one season. One glorious season. But because they kept pushing the time slot around and promoted it poorly, a good show died. I'm not saying it deserved a long run but I think it could have had a solid 2-4 seasons (similar to Lois & Clark or Superboy).

It will be my job to become dictator of DC and Warner Brothers and I'll make sure DC stops stuffing things up compared to Marvel (never thought I would utter that sentence). Oh well. We have some good movies coming out this summer and hopefully we get another great animated series. Let's all hope and put our voices forward.

If you'd like to put your weight behind my candidacy of Supreme Lordship of DC and Warner Brothers I will be running under the Zod Rulership Party.

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