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Season 2 - Episode 17: "The Hunt"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

4Rating - 4 (out of 5): Here's what I didn't like about this. I didn't like seeing Mongul for such a short period. This is a guy in the comics that can stand toe to toe with Superman, and Black Beetle seems to be having a field day with him. I wanted more Mongul, but not like this.

I also don't like how they have left characters like Superboy out of the mix for so long. I love Blue Beetle but Superboy and others (really take your pick at this point) are getting the shaft. The show is supposed to be about how the team copes with the Justice League not around. Now I know for the sake of story they are focusing on the critical characters to the plot because otherwise you are focusing on too many characters that have little impact on the plot. But do they need to kick these characters seemingly to the curb?

I also don't like the tough guy mental battle going on between Arsenal and Nightwing. I understand Arsenal's rage. I understand Nightwing's hesitation to bring him onto the team. But it's distracting right now to see this kind of turmoil when we are starting to wrap things up.

Now what I loved about this was the season arc is moving forward. The Reach are taking over Earth without us knowing it fully. We have clearly been duped by them, as they promise false hope, knowing they will soon deliver defeat and extermination and/or slavery of some horrible kind.

I was glad to see the Reach a bit more, since we now know there are far more than we originally knew.

I was happy to see the abductees a bit more. For some reason they have written well what could have been a sidekick disaster role for each one of them. They walk away doing their own thing. No one controls them. Very cool stuff.

They should bring all the superheroes back at the end for a massive battle, it's gonna be epic. Especially when they bring back Blue Beetle to his former self.

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