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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 2 - Episode 12: "True Colors"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): Well, this jumped right back into the plot, and very much into the middle of it. I loved this episode so much. It is definitely in my top five.

Jaime is a character that they have been developing off and on for a while now and I like that they are using him as an integral part of the central storyline. He is a vastly underdeveloped character in the DC Universe and could be a major player if written properly. This show is evidence of that. As each episode progresses, we find out more about the scarab and its relationship with the Reach and with Jaime. I want more of this. Much more.

I thought it was odd that Godfrey seems to willingly accept the Reach when he seems so generally paranoid about anything not of this earth. I am guessing he's gonna get a figurative pie in the face soon when the Reach make their power grab.

The undercover plot of Artemis and Aqualad and the old crew seems a little stale at this point and I am left wondering how, if at all, it will fit into the current storyline. I suppose we shall see.

What makes this show so good is its adherence to DC characters and who they are. They are also creating a new and unique world that doesn't feel like it is infringing on anything that would upset even the most ardent of supporters (minus a few basement dwellers that will never be content). I wish they didn't have to throw in mindless filler like they did last week (or at least it felt that way). They have a good thing in this episode, so they should just run with it.

I actually have no major gripes that would lower the score. The Sportsmaster appearance was a wasted two minutes. Not bad, but not necessary. And the Kaldur scene - That felt forced in there a little.

I say kudos for an excellent episode that made me want to shout for joy at the end. We are finally getting somewhere now that we know what the Reach are doing.

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