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Young Justice: Episode Reviews

Season 2 - Episode 7: "Depths"

Reviewed by: Isaac Frisbie

5Rating - 5 (out of 5): The ending... I just can't... Words cannot explain the feelings. Okay, so this whole time Nightwing, Artemis, Wally, and Kaldur were planning this shindig from the start? Awesome! Kaldur was very convincing as the bad guy but I have to admit seeing him as a good guy again sure felt good.

I also really loved the talk that Superboy had with M'Gann. It makes sense that he has such a big problem with her mind probes considering that was his predicament for most of his life. And that she tried erasing his negative emotions took it too far. It's surprising that M'Gann has become so cold in her approach. She used to be the most amiable and kind member of the team in the first season. If she could see herself in the future she wouldn't believe it. I think something else is going on here that has caused her to be this way.

I couldn't get enough of the old team and seeing them in one episode. It is starting to feel like old times (old times being a couple of months ago).

I liked seeing Lagoon Boy in action. I have no ideas what his powers are but I found out one of them tonight! He's like a SeaHulk, except different. He is very brash and angry, but it's funny to watch him and hear him say, "Neptune's Beard!" Hahaha.

I'm hoping we can get back to the new team that they have established, because I've grown very attached to them already.

Now for my awesome rant of the day. Nightwing. Is. AMAZING!!!!! He showed how well he can lead and how well he can fight. My favorite scene was him beating the crap out of all the bad guys on the beach with Artemis. His batons smashing their faces. So many broken faces. Such awesomeness. Go Nightwing.

I'm curious how Artemis is going to play into this story considering she's under a disguise given to her from Zatanna. I don't care. I bet it'll be awesome. They are handling the story and the characters so well.

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