DC Collectibles Unveils “Justice League” Figures


DC Collectibles has unveiled images of their upcoming “Justice League” figures. Each poly-resin figure will stand at roughly 12 inches mounted on a base emblazoned with the Justice League logo. The figures will retail for […]

“Batman v Superman” Concept Art Revealed


The Moving Picture Company has released a number of images showing concept designs of what their artists envisioned Doomsday and Gotham City to look like when working on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Like8 […]

“Justice League” Movie to Rebuild Hope


HeroicHollywood.com has published part of a longer interview with “Batman v Superman”¬†Assistant Director Damon Caro and Visual Effects Supervisor Bryan Hirota in which they discuss working on the upcoming “Justice League” movie, the tone of […]

Richard Donner Talks About Superman in New Interview


Exclusive Interview with Legendary Director About Goonies 2, Lethal Weapon, Superman and More Comic Book Central premiered an exclusive interview Saturday with acclaimed Hollywood director Richard Donner. Writer/producer/host Joe Stuber spoke with Mr. Donner about […]

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