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January 10, 2010: Creator of Tech Used in "Superman Returns" to Receive Honorary Oscar

Mark Sagar, one of the developers of the technology that enabled the creation of a digital Brandon Routh in "Superman Returns", is receiving an honorary Academy Award this year, the Academy announced today. Sagar designed the Light Stage 2 technology and a former colleague used it to create the digital version of Superman in the 2006 film. According to the Academy press release:

    [The "Superman Returns" production] used Light Stage 2 scans of actor Brandon Routh to create a digital Superman character for the 2006 movie Superman Returns. The film achieved a new high water mark in the realism of virtual actors, with the digital Superman being successfully employed in both action sequences and extended close-up shots. The seamless digital character work helped earn Superman Returns an Academy Award® nomination for Best Visual Effects.

This honor is part of the Academy Award Scientific and Technical Awards given off-camera on February 20, 2010. Read the entire release here.

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