Sasha Calle Talks About Wanting to Play Supergirl Again


While she’s not the long, blonde haired Kara many fans are used to, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl has won over her own legion of fans with her version of the character as seen in the new film “The Flash”.

Talking with, Sasha is very much interested in exploring the character further should she get the chance.

“Absolutely, are you kidding me?” she laughed. “I love her so much and I feel her very deeply. I think this movie was a runway to a better story for her.”

As we know, the new slate of DC Studios films includes an adaptation of the “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” comic book series. However, while that story saw Kara on an intergalactic adventure, Calle says she’s more interested in exploring Kara’s life on earth.

“I just want to dive deeper into Kara and her feelings into her day to day,” she explained. “I would just love to see her in regular clothes, in human clothes. As a fan, the whole time that I was filming, I kept thinking, ‘What would she wear? What glasses would she wear?'”

“[In The Flash], we don’t meet her human, realized self, so as a fan, that would be something very cool,” she added.

“The Flash” is in theaters now!

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June 19, 2023 6:41 pm

She didnt make a huge impression on me as Supergirl. Which wasnt the actresses fault, she just had a very specific role to play in the movie and we really didnt get to know her. Given the box office of this movie I doubt we will see her again but who knows.