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DC Super Friends “Rotten to the Core” Kids Commentary

The DC Kids YouTube channel has released a video from the ImagiNext “DC Super Friends” animated shorts… with a child’s narration. Titled “Rotten to the Core,” in this episode Lex Luthor unleashes Kryptonite-powered robots, weakening […]

Television News

“Superman & Lois” Cinematic Quote Promo

The CW has posted a new “Superman & Lois” promo video titled “Cinematic Quote Promo,” in which reviews and quotes from fans are featured over the top of scenes from the first five episodes of […]

Television News

“Supergirl” S06E01 “Rebirth” Preview Clip

The CW has released a preview clip titled “Supergirl And Friends Answer A Call Scene” from the premiere episode of Season 6 of “Supergirl”. Titled “Rebirth” this episode is scheduled to air on The CW […]