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Superman’s Most Popular Eras Ranked

In 2023 Superman will celebrate his 85th anniversary. So let’s look back at the various periods of Superman history since 1938 and see if we can determine which era of Superman content has been the […]

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Is the Sashe Calle “Supergirl” Movie Dead?

On the back of Warner Bros. deciding to kill off the near-complete “Batgirl” movie, canceling the film’s planned theater release and deciding not to release it to HBO Max either, speculation is now turning to […]

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“Superman & Lois” and “Supergirl” Win Leo Awards

As we reported last month, “Superman & Lois” received five nominations in three categories for the 2022 Leo Awards, which celebrates excellence in British Columbia Film & Television. Congratulations to the “Superman & Lois” stunts […]

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“Supergirl: Titans” Fan Film Teaser

Filmmaker Mark Owen is putting together a fan film titled “Supergirl: Titans”. “After 1984’s Supergirl, starring Helen Slater and The CW series with Melissa Benoist, we felt it was about time Supergirl had her own […]