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July 8, 1999: Bill Wisher to Write Superman Script

Bill Wisher, the screenwriter best known for his collaboration with James Cameron -- they shared script credit on Terminator 2: Judgment Day -- has signed to write the Superman movie for Warner Bros. Wisher has already met and pitched his take to Nicolas Cage, who has been attached to star in the film for some two years. Wisher will begin writing the film as soon as he completes an assignment for director Robert Zemeckis and ImageMovers at DreamWorks. Wisher's hiring lends the Superman project momentum. After Cage signed on with producer Jon Peters and director Tim Burton, the film seemed on course for a speedy production start. The studio had little trouble lining up its merchandising and tie-in campaigns, but the screenplay never really came together. Because the studio was nervous about greenlighting a huge budget without resolving script problems, the start date was called off and the project shelved. Wisher most recently adapted the Michael Crichton bestseller Airframe for Disney as well as the prequel for The Exorcist, which Morgan Creek is prepping for production. Known for handling complex, big-budget fare, Wisher will work from the same source material used by the other scribes on the project. While Cage is still the lead candidate to play Superman, it's believed that director Burton, who'd worked with Peters on Batman, has permanently departed the project. Burton has declined interview requests.

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