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November 11, 1999: Cage Still Talks Superman

While Tim Burton appears to be completely removed from Warner Bros.' very troubled Superman project, Nicolas Cage is still holding out for the role of the last son of Krypton. While talking to Detour magazine (via Empire Online), Cage once again declared his interest in the project, saying, "Rarely does one have that kind of a stage to try to do something new. I realize that's a very scary position to be in, because you can fall flat on your face, but I was really up for it. I knew I would be taking an enormous chance playing a guy in a cape, but at the same time risks and chances were what I always wanted for myself."
Cage continues, "And I was excited by the possibility that with Superman, who is so important to so many children around the world that I could maybe do something in that character to say, It's okay to be different."

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