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January 9, 1999: Shekhar Kapur to Direct Superman Movie?

Internet Movie Database reports that Elizabeth director Shekhar Kapur insists he "just took the Hindi film style outside" in the making of his critically acclaimed film about the British monarch. In an interview appearing in the Times of India, Kapur says that doing so "suited the story perfectly since it is steeped in high drama, treachery and intrigue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our form of filmmaking. It is just the inbred everyday politics in the Indian film industry that's dispiriting." Kapur also said that, because of Elizabeth's critical reception, he is being wooed by numerous studios, including Warner's, which has talked to him about directing the currently shelved Superman sequel starring Nicholas Cage. Reminded that he could be included among the best director nominees of '98, he replied, "That would put me right up there in the lights with Spielberg. What more could I ask for from this life and from the movies?"

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