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November 6, 1999: Rhino SUPERMAN Soundtrack Update

To warm everyone up for next year's release of the Rhino SUPERMAN 2-CD soundtrack, several unreleased tracks are being featured this week on Ford Thaxton's Internet/RealAudio series, "Soundtrack Cinema", at www.film.com. This is part of a special anniversary program in which the first portion features a suite of tracks from the new Rhino CD. The tracks are, in order: "Prologue/Main Title (Alternate)", "The Planet Krypton" (alternate with previously unreleased material used in the film), "Destruction Of Krypton (Part Two)" (the most requested unreleased cue among fans), "To The Lair" (aka "Sonic Greeting"), and "The Helicopter Sequence". This follows last spring's radio broadcast in the L.A. area of two other remastered tracks from the new double CD set. These new tracks will only be available on "Soundtrack Cinema" through at least the weekend, so listen to it while you can.

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